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Tales: Fortune Tellers Video

Fran was not always blind, nor was she always a druid. It all came down to a fateful day and a run in with a certain blonde-haired, violet-eyed fortune teller.

With Tales from Thac now released, we are going to cover one last entry in the anthology and this time you are in for a real treat. Kathryn Fogleman White, the author of Fortune Tellers, is going to read an excerpt from that short story.

Fran is a character that first appeared in the fourth book of the Heroes of Ravenford series. In that novel, we meet an older, blind, wizened version of the eccentric druid. Yet before Fran lost her sight, she was a daring young woman with a bit of a checkered past.

A fateful meeting with another character from the Heroes series leads the unconventional Fran to a critical turning point in her life. That character is none other than Elistra, the violet-eyed seeress that set the companions on the ultimately dangerous path to the Darkwoods Monolith.

Fran's interaction with Elistra is humorous at times, as well as sad, and even downright perilous. Get ready for a wild ride with the unpredictable Fran as Kathryn reads this excerpt for us:

Well that's it for now. For more of Fortune Tellers and other exciting stories, you can now order the Tales from Thac anthology on Amazon. Stay tuned next month for a first look from the upcoming series, Rise of the Thrall Lord.


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