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Elistra Moonglow first appeared as a gypsy fortune teller, but her talents soon proved to be far greater. Elistra was more than a sideshow charlatan giving fake readings with tarot cards. She is a full-fledged seeress, a psychic, or psionicist, who has visions of the future.


Psionics is the manipulation of spiritual energy, the force of an individual’s life essence or soul. It is different from arcane or divine magic which is fueled by mana, the energy that flows in and around all things. In that respect, psionics is more akin to a martial discipline, like that of the Spiritblade. Yet, like an arcane caster, a psionicist focuses their abilities via the mind, or perhaps more accurately, their will.


Elistra is a striking woman, who appears to be in her mid-twenties. She tends to dress in gypsy garb, her outfit consisting of a short red and black top that exposes her midriff, a red skirt that almost reaches her knees, and lacy black stockings that disappear into a pair of black leather boots. Atop her head, she wears a black cap adorned with yellow stars and a red hood draped over it. Her long, honey-blonde hair is braided in places, framing her heart-shaped face, slim nose and strong cheekbones. Yet, Elistra’s most striking feature is her eyes—they are a bright violet.

Not much is known about Elistra’s background—she never talks of it. Still, she will make constant references to events that happened ages ago, with an acute knowledge known to few, if any, scholars. Elistra is obviously well versed in history, but perhaps these insights are another one of her talents, for she is rather unique, even for a psionicist.


Elistra’s abilities seem to include psychic talents that cross psionic disciplines. Normally a psionicist concentrates on one discipline at a time, it taking many years to master any of the esoteric arts. When she first met Seth, Elistra demonstrated the ability of clairvoyance, easily able to see through an illusionary spell such as invisibility. She also sensed the nearby presence of the dark mage Telvar. A short while later, when she met the rest of the Heroes, she helped them pinpoint the location of the Golem Thrall Master’s lost monolith.


Those were all seer talents, but a few days later, on their journey to the monolith, Elistra demonstrates the gifts of a telepath. Glolindir hears her voice quite clearly in his mind when he is faced with possession by the mistress of the black gem. Just a few days after that, Elistra displays a ‘shaper’ talent, summoning an astral construct to fight against the phantom armors. Quite frankly, Elistra is by no means an ordinary psychic. She is an accomplished seer, a powerful telepath, a bit of a shaper, and the gods only know what else. Yet her past remains shrouded in mystery.


Elistra first appeared shortly after the Serpent Cult’s foiled attack on the gentry of Ravenford. It was a fateful encounter for the cultists, though driven back, had unearthed the location of ancient weapons from the time of the Thrall Wars. In their dark hands, these terrible weapons could spell doom for all of Thac. Elistra helped to uncover the plot, and divine the location where the weapons had been hidden all these years.


The lovely seeress set out with a small group comprised mostly of the Heroes, to find this location, hidden somewhere deep within the Darkwoods. During their travels, Elistra began to develop a relationship with the elven wizard, Glolindir. The two appeared to be kindred souls, both with keen minds, and sharing similar viewpoints on a great many things. As the journey progressed, the duo became almost inseparable. Yet the future is fickle, and no one knows what tomorrow will bring, except for perhaps Elistra herself.

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