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East Thac Landmarks


The Bendenwoods is the largest forest in northeastern Thac. Centered around the town that is its namesake, the woods stretch from the Korlokesel Mountain range to the banks of the Berribrun River, and south to the foothills just north of the Old Knights Road.  The main trade route from central Thac runs through the heart of the Bendenwoods. It is usually a safe ride, but as of late, bandits have been known to frequent that trail, threating caravans traveling from Tarrsmorr to points east

Cape Marlin Light

Cape Marlin Light guides the way around the deadly reefs that border the entrance to Merchant’s Bay on its north shore. It is a tall white structure resting on a small isle a few hundred yards off the shore of Cape Marlin point. The lighthouse is owned and operated by the Barony of Ravenford

Dead Forest

The Dead Forest is a small woods a short ways south and west of Ravenford. It is an eerie woods, the trees there all wilted and sickly looking. Nothing will grow in the forest, as if some dark magic were cast there at one time cursing the very soil of the woods.

Korlokesel Mountains


The Korlokesel Mountain range separates most of the east coast of Thac from the center of the island continent. The range itself runs north to the eastern edge of the great forest, Ruanaiaith, then turns east where it finally ends just northwest of Dunwynn. The name of this range is elvish, roughly translating to Black Serpent Mountains. The elves named it so based on the dark color of its peaks and the fact that it “snakes” around the Bendenwoods which it borders from both the west and north. The legendary Serpent’s Hollow is purported to be hidden somewhere in the northern end of this range


The great forest, Ruanaiaith, is the last remnant of the original great world forest, Kitharra Gaia, on the island continent of Thac. It stretches from the hidden city of Cairthrellon in the west to Kai-Arborus in the east, easily thrice the length of the Bendenwoods. Ruanaiaith is home to some of the largest and oldest trees in Thac. They grow to enormous size. Some of them support the eleven city of Kai-Arborus, sections of which rise high above the forest floor. Arcarion and Giant Oak, they dwarf anything you might see in any other woods in Thac

Ruins on Stone Hill

These ruins lie on top of the barren Stone Hill, a few miles southwest of the town of Ravenford. Not much is known about their origin, but they have been there as far back as anyone can remember. The ruins are thought to be haunted, strange noises and lights often seen there by travels on the Old Knight’s road as they journey past Stone Hill

Sentilla Light

Sentilla Light is a marvel of magic; a work of mystical art rather than a structure of function.  Spiraling seven hundred feet in the air, it rises from the breakers of Redune Point.  The tower is riddled with a seemingly random series of holes and perfectly round tunnels.  Viciously unpredictable air currents and constant flashes of lightning from the sky to the tower make flying nearby exceedingly hazardous.  The strange wind causes a constant musical melody as it flows through the tower’s tunnels.  It is supposed that the tower’s light is powered by the constant electrical storms around it, but none in recent memory have climbed the tower to find out

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