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East Thac Towns


This huge ancient elfish city is all but reclaimed by the forest. Only the immediate area around the tower known as ‘Heart of Sorrow’ is still home to a thousand elves. The tower supposedly contains the ‘Book of Regrets’, an ancient, but constantly changing tome sacred to the elves. At one time, before the age of man when Kitharra Gaia the Great World Forest covered all the lands, the city of Avarthelar was the elvish capital. Legend has it that it was here that the great betrayal occurred, the elves broke the Gaia Concord and released the seal that started the Second Demon War. During that age, the races of elves was splintered, and by the end of the age the Drow were banished to the Underdark.


The city has also been thrice marked by tragedy during the human-elf wars of this age. The most recent, only 500 years ago marked the fall of the royal house of Galinthrea by the Blackguard Vanalord. With that defeat, the Galinthral Elves remaining in Thac retreated to Cairthrellon; and the elves of Thac were -thereafter ruled by the High Elf house of Aristar, who moved their capital to Kai-Arborus.


The sprawling woodlands town of Bendenwood is home to about fourteen hundred inhabitants who support themselves with hunting and fishing.  There are few small fields since large-scale clearing of forest is not allowed.


Although modestly self-sufficient, the town of Bendenwood owes most its current wealth and security to the fact that the eastern order of Druids hold council near Bendenwood at the summer solstice.  Many Druids remain in the area or in town year-round, and are considered protectors and advisors.


Recently Bendenwood has been politely invited to join the Duchy of Dunwynn.  Dunwynn’s continued politeness after their refusal is most likely due to the considerable power of the Druidic council.


The last home of the ancient Galinthral Elves on Thac, Cairthrellon is a mystery to the outside world. Songs say that Cairthrellon is beautiful, enchanting and ever changing.


The final magic invoked by the last king of the Galinthral Elves before his death five hundred years ago awoke the spirit of the forest in defense of the city. As the Galinthral elves retreated west to Cairthrellon, the forest swallowed both the Blackguard armies that pursued and all roads to the city itself.


The curse of Galinthrae still rages through the forest today. If anything it has grown stronger, and even elves must travel with care and in small groups when outside the city to avoid awakening its wrath.


Cairthrellon itself is spread across hundreds of acres of forest valleys. Protective wards mark the perimeter of the forest city. But crossing the line of rough-hewn monolithic pylons engraved with mystic runes is the only change that most would notice at first upon entering the city. Gradually as one travels the barely visible pathways within the city, one will begin to catch glimpses of the ancient elvish art and architecture that imbues Cairthrellon with the spirit of the long lost age of Kitharra.


Glolindir Arshatheriat Eodin is from Cairthrellon


Caprizon is home to the single largest Gnome population in all of Thac, with eight thousand Gnomes calling it home.  Approximately a thousand humans and dwarves also live in or around Caprizon.


The city of Caprizon is built on and in the cliffs of a great ravine where the river Stilwyndle makes its way to the Sea of Riazel.  Caprizon is remarkable for its many houses that hang from the cliff at seemingly impossible angles, for its myriad of cable cars crossing the river canyons, and for its many cable lifts from the river level to cliff top.  It is also home to the famous gnomish kite riders who delight in riding the thermals around Caprizon, and the city is dotted with many launch pads and even more catch nets for this purpose.


Aksel Alabaster is from Caprizon


The small village of Deepwood has only a few hundred inhabitants, but is famous across the lands for the skill of its archers.  The village survives by hunting and fishing; its only exports are a number of medicinal herbs that can only be found along the Singing River.


The Singing River nearby is so named for the sound of the many waterfalls that cascade down from the upper forest to Bendenwood and then to the more sedate West Raven river.  There are no less than seventeen waterfalls within a day’s walk of the village, and each is reported to have a river spirit living in it.


It is said that the grand city of Dunwynn is a wondrous site best seen from the air.  The city is laid out with exacting precision; with all streets and byways in align.  The ultimate concept embodied by Dunwynn is order and structure, and the nine thousand inhabitants of the city live their daily life by a myriad of laws and rules that often seem confusing or even contradictory to outsiders.


Although many scoff at their obsession with order, few will argue that the army of Dunwynn is one of the most powerful in all eastern Thac, and the Knights of Dunwynn are second only to the White Company and Knights of the Rose in their accomplishments in battle.


The giant tree city of the High Elves, Kai Arborus and the surrounding woodlands is home to about twenty thousand elves, and another two thousand humans, dwarves and gnomes.  The grand Arcarion trees that make up the majority of the city are magically enhanced and protected from disease and fire.


The tops of all the tallest trees are given over to the giant eagles who share the city with the elves.  Usually there are only a few hundred who make their homes here and hunt the local forests.  But for one week out of every year, thousands of giant eagles from all over Thac come in a great aerial celebration that also draws thousands of spectators from other races.


Elladan Narmolanya and Donatello are both from Kai-Arborus.


The grand city of Ilos, built into the rocky cliffs on the northern shores of Thac is the home to nearly twenty thousand humans, dwarves, elves and gnomes.  The site of countless historic battles against Parthians, the entire main city is made of stone, or is at least fire proof.  Even the docks are made of stone.


The mighty Ganwyndle River flows through the heart of the city down seven waterfalls.


Seth Korzair is from the city of Ilos


The town of Lukescros is dominated by the huge stone bridge-forts that straddles the Penderbun River.  The central island is the site of the annual Harvest Fest Faire, and the home to the Bardic College of Hoventire.  Lukescros is also the home of the Crystal Angel, a towering statue that is said to grant good luck to all who touch it and the dearest desires to those of pure heart.  Twelve hundred humans live in and around Lukescros


The largest city in all Thac, and perhaps the world, Lymerdia is a sprawling ancient metropolis. It is currently the capital of Thac and home to the powerful Council of Magi.


Located on the mouth of the River Penderbun, the city of Penwick is home to eight thousands souls, although it is large enough for twice that numbers.  It was once one of the most powerful and wealthy cities in eastern Thac.  It has fallen on hard times over the last century, being conquered and sacked no less than three times in the last hundred and fifty years.  First by the Parthians in the Second Parthian War, then by the stone army of the Golem Master Larketh during the Thrall Wars, and finally only twenty years ago by the Pirate Warlord Eboneye.  The lands although still fertile, have been in steady decline as the spirit of its people seems broken.


Lloyd Stealle is from the city of Penwick.


A small quiet village, the primary occupation of Ravenford’s three hundred inhabitants is fishing and farming.  The village and nominally the surrounding territory are ruled by a hereditary Barony that seems to never last more than a generation or so.


The current Baron, Gryswold, is the fourth son of the old Baron of Penwick.  He had to fight to win his own lands and titles and was a warrior of some renown in his younger days.  He was awarded the titles to the Town of Ravenford when he slew the Dragon Ullarak who had slain the previous Baron.


Gryswold s’ wife, Gracelyn, is the only sibling of the current Duke of Dunwynn, who has yet to produce an heir.  This has made Gracelyn and Gryswolds’ daughter, Andrella, a potential asset or liability to all the surrounding nobility.


The two hundred villagers living in Redune eke out a meager existence on fishing, and from the occasional traveler come to hear the song of Sentilla Light.


The town of Tarrsmorr is an active trading hub for central Thac with over two thousand inhabitants making a living in a variety of trades. An important stopping point for large river barges up from Lymerdia that need to transfer to caravans to Kai-Arborus and Avarthelar, Tarrsmorr is also an important cross-roads leading to eastern Thac.


The village of Vermoorden was originally founded as a refugee camp of malcontents fleeing one of the infamous purges of old Dunwynn over seventy years ago.  The town has since grown to several hundred inhabitants. 


Although granted the lands around Lake Strikken by the then Baron of Penwick, who didn’t want them in his barony, Vermoorden has always been fiercely independent.  They elect their own ‘Lord Mayor’ who presides over all town affairs.  Note, the current Lord Mayor is a woman, but the title remains as is.


Vermoorden is known as a place for those with a shady past to seek a new life.  It is also known as the place to go if you need the services of those who work outside the laws of the land.  Reportedly, Vermoorden is the home to the assassin’s guild, the Silent Reapers, which operate throughout Southern and Eastern Thac

Wind Tower

The famous home to Lord Nigel, the Knights of the Rose, and the White Company, the town of Wind Tower is named after the huge three hundred foot tall tower in its center. The town’s three thousand occupants all work in support of the Knights and the Company. Smithies, horse breeders, leather workers, tailors, merchants, and even the farmers are all caught up in the cause of truth, justice and benevolence espoused by Lord Nigel.


Dame Alana Benefilla is from Wind Tower.

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