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Heroes of Ravenford


Dark Monolith

A dark cult is seeking a long lost magic of untold power. If they aren't stopped, the entire world could be destroyed.

The Dark Monolith cover
The Serpent Cult cover

A dark cult has set its sights on the little town of Ravenford, and death is the least of the horrors they have planned.

Serpent Cult

Glolindir nearly died in his first attempt to be a hero. Now he must protect Ravenford from something far worse than a few monsters.

Ruins on Stone Hill
Ruins of Stone Hill cover

The Princess of Lanfor has come to claim a magic weapon of untold power, and she is as insane as she is beautiful.

The Dark Monolith cover
The Baron's Heart
Barons Heart ebook cover.jpg

The baron has been murdered. There is a spell that could revive him, but it requires his stolen heart and time is running out.

Princess of Lanfor