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The Fantasy Fiends

Want to see two of your favorite authors get roasted live? Here's your chance as Kathryn and I join the Fantasy Fiends...

The Fantasy Fiends Podcast is a high energy show with two Fantasy author hosts: Andy Peloquin and Stevie Collier. This podcast discusses all things Fantasy Fiction each week with a new guest author and a unique theme.

This week, Kathryn and I join the podcast to discuss our writing and the topic du jour: the Give and Take of Relationships! If you are a reader of either of our books, you will know that relationships are a core theme in them. Friendships, romantic pairings, family - our stories run the entire gambit.

We'll discuss that and more, as well as do an impromptu reading from one of our books. Trust me, this is good. You will love Steve's version of Seth and Andy's Martan. They are both spot on!

I hope you enjoyed watching this as much as we did making it! Stay tuned later this month for another audio excerpt from the upcoming release of Ruins on Stone Hill.


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