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Tales from Thac Audiobook Initial Release Sale

Dragons, pirates, magic and deceit. Thac is no place for the faint of heart…

The audiobook version of Tales from Thac is now available for order. It will be on sale at 20% off list price until the end of the month. Below you will find the trailer for Tales, an excerpt, and links where you can purchase the audiobook:



Tales from Thac is a collection of short stories and novellas from the world of the Heroes of Ravenford. A collaboration between myself and a number of my author friends, many of the stories are interconnected while others stand by themselves.

Some stories deal with the past of characters we already know and love like the infamous Donatello and the enigmatic Elistra. Others introduce new characters such as Pallas Stealle, Seishin, and Kortiama who appear later in the Rise of the Thrall Lord series. In this way, Tales paints a broader stroke on certain existing characters while also acting as a bridge between the two series.

The following is the trailer for Tales and the link where it can be purchased:

And here is a clip from Fortune Tellers, a short story from Tales which centers on the fateful meeting between the druid, Fran, and a certain blonde-haired, violet-eyed seeress:

Hope you enjoyed these clips! We'll definitely notify you when the audiobook becomes available on the outstanding sites. In the coming months, I'll share progress on Children of the Baleful Moon and the breaking groundwork on the audio versions of the Rise of the Thrall Lord series.


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