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Ruins on Stone Hill Now on Audio!

What do you get when you mix a novice wizard, a reckless warrior, a sharp-tongued thief, & a saintly cleric? Swords, sorcery, & sarcasm.

Ruins on Stone Hill is where it all began. The first book of the Heroes of Ravenford series introduces Glolindir, the inexperienced elven wizard, Lloyd, the gallant but reckless spiritblade, Seth, the mysterious and acerbic halfling thief, and Aksel, the saintly and pragmatic gnome cleric.

This initial entry begins with the first near disastrous meeting of this foursome. It then follows them as they try to protect of the little town of Ravenford. Strange things have been happening around the town: things involving monsters, magic, and dark forces that have not been seen since the time of the Thrall Wars.

Ruins is now available on many sites in both audio, ebook, and paperback formats. Click here for a selection of formats and online stores where Ruins is available.

Furthermore, the narrator and I would like to share another chapter with you. In this scene, the companions come face-to-face with a powerful creature whose origins can be traced back to the deadly and destructive Thrall Wars:

Hope you liked it! Stay tuned in the next few months for the first excerpts from book two of the Rise of the Thrall Lord series, Raiders of the Dark Coast.


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