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Ruins On Stone Hill: Audio Excerpt

What do you get when you mix an elf, a gnome, a halfling, and a warrior? Magic, mayhem, and loads of sarcasm.

"They didn't set out to be heroes, but the little town of Ravenford was in desperate need. Before Glolindir and his friends knew it they were facing fierce monsters, deadly assassins, black mages, cunning demons, powerful dragons, and even the remnants of the dread Thrall Masters themselves. Will they be able to live up to the challenge, or will they fall and leave Ravenford at the mercy of the forces of darkness?"

Ruins on Stone Hill is where it all began. The first book in the Heroes of Ravenford series introduces Glo, Lloyd, Seth, and Aksel, the original four heroes. The foursome are joined by the lady warrior Titan, and her comrade Brundon, as they take on the monsters and worse that threaten the little town of Ravenford.

Now the story is finally coming to audio. With his health care duties finally slowing down, the narrator for the Ruins on Stone Hill audio book is now back in the studio. The first few chapters are "in the can" and the recordings are moving forward once again.

Now here is the first excerpt from the audio version of Ruins:

Hope you liked it! Feel free to leave feedback here. We'd love input as we continue with the recordings. And stay tuned in the next few months for more excerpts from the Ruins audio and from the upcoming release of City of Tears.


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