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Rise of the Thrall Lord

A hundred and fifty years have passed since the Thrall Masters rained death and destruction upon the land of Thac. With the sudden rise of evil dragons, demons, and undead, have these dark masters returned to resume their reign of terror?

As I alluded to in last month's newsletter, I've decided to change the ending to Rise of the Thrall Lord (RotL). Originally I had planned for six books in this series: City of Tears, Protectors of Penwick, Raiders of the Dark Coast, Tomb of the Gods, Children of the Baleful Moon, and the Seven Towers. The last book was to culminate in a final war against the demonic forces set on destroying the world of Thac.

All that has changed now with the resurgence of the original game that spawned both this series and the Heroes of Ravenford. My friend, Tim, who is DMing that game, has taken things in a decidedly different, but highly interesting direction. (For those of you who have followed me for awhile, you know these books are loosely based off those games as an homage to my family and friends.)

Since the Seven Towers was an attempt on my part to give a climatic ending to a story line that never actually finished, I've decided to scrap it and end RoTL with Children of the Baleful Moon. Trust me, these last two novels will not leave you wanting for action or a satisfying conclusion to the series. We will meet the dread Pirates of the Coast, face more Zetas, clash head on with the undead invading Penwick, and have an ultimate confrontation with the new rising Thrall Lord before all is said and done.

Even so, that is obviously not the end of the companions' journeys. Therefore, I have decided to also pen a third series to complete the adventures of Lloyd, Seth, Andrella, Glo, and the other characters you've come to know and love as I do. As of yet, I have no idea what that series will be called, nor do I know how many books it might comprise. I do promise that it will bring their adventures to a satisfying conclusion.

In the coming months, I'll share maybe one more excerpt from Raiders as well as that audio clip from the Baron's Heart. I've also invited Kathryn back to give us another sample from her rewrite of the Dragon's Son. Beyond that, I will pass on any further news about the next series and will get to the promised teasers from Tomb of the Gods.



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