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Raiders: Final Art and New Characters

A horde of demons from the Abyss. A dread master of the undead. A choice between saving a single city versus the world.

Last month I posted the background Jackson created for Raiders of the Dark Coast. That work is now finished (above), but the process of creating it is amazing to say the least. Below I've posted a video Jackson put together of the steps he took in the development of the cover. Beyond that, I've included some artwork of the individual characters it portrays.

Now, here he is: the amazing Jackson Tjota:

As for the new characters, this is Thea Stealle, an Auric Priestess of Arenor and Lloyd's sister:

This is Lieutenant Balthazar, an Astral Knight in the service of the Queen of Lanfor:

Lastly, this is Captain 'Cloud', a Sky Rider in service of the Queen of Lanfor:

In the coming months, I will go more in-depth into the backgrounds of these new characters. I will also be posting the first excerpts from the book. Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts below.



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Vickie Grider
Jun 06, 2021

I really like the artwork. It helps to visualize the characters in the stories while reading.

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