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Princess of Lanfor: Audio Excerpt

An insane princess who wants to rule the world. A magical artifact of terrifying power. A deadly struggle to possess it.

"A hundred and fifty years have passed since the Thrall Masters nearly destroyed the land of Thac. Now the key to their terrifying power has been found and everyone wants it, including the Princess of Lanfor. With her flying fortress & army of dragons who could say no to her?"

Having barely survived the events from Dark Monolith, the companions somehow managed to prevent the Serpent Cult from gaining the Golem Master's most powerful secret. Yet, not all of them remain unscathed, nor can they rest for long. Before they know it, they are thrown into a desperate struggle - first against a vicious green dragon and then versus the mighty forces of the Princess of Lanfor - a insane noble who believes it is her destiny to rule the world.

Even if they manage to defeat these deadly foes, word reaches them that the cult isn't quite done in its bid for world domination. It's last desperate plan is to unleash an ancient evil - one that may destroy all of Arinthar.

Princess is now available on audio at a number of sites. Click here to re-live, or listen for the first time, as the companions deal with dragons, the insane princess, and a "goddess" bent on world destruction. Here is an excerpt from the newly released audiobook, narrated by my dear friend Alexander Wender:

Hope you liked it! Recording has begun on the last book in the Heroes series. We are hoping to have the Baron's Heart available for you by this fall, rounding out the audio collection of the Heroes of Ravenford.

In the coming months, I'll share one or two more excerpts from Raiders. Also, as promised, I'll present a few teasers on what happened after that epic cliffhanger at the end of Protectors of Penwick.


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