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Meet Fantasy Author Hannah Pennington

In the second of what is an ongoing video series, we'd like to introduce you to fantasy author Hannah Pennington.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Hannah has been writing since the young age of seven. Her debut fantasy, Prisoners of Thornbrill, follows the adventures of 20-year-old Melanie and her brother Jason who discover a dragon egg in the real world. The egg hatches and the siblings are thrust into the daunting task of raising/hiding the mischievous dragon, Scalead. Things go further awry, however, when one day all three wake up in a completely different world - a dangerous world filled with magic.

Hannah has moved around the country her entire life. Home schooled and very imaginative, the foundations of her debut trilogy, the Tindora Chronicles, were formed. After receiving an Associates Degree in Graphic Communication and Design from Indian Capital Technology Center, Hannah now lives in Oklahoma from where she is finally publishing her debut trilogy.

We caught up with Hannah earlier this month and sat down for a chat on writing, her works, and a variety of topics:

Hope you enjoyed meeting Hannah as much as Kat and I did! In the coming months we will be talking with more fantasy authors. Also, we will be providing some samples from the upcoming audio release of Tales from Thac. And check back here after the new year for a first look at Children of the Baleful Moon, the final book in the Rise of the Thrall Lord series.

Thanks for stopping by! F. P.

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Georgiana Gheorghe
Georgiana Gheorghe
Oct 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hannah's debut novel sounds interesting. Congrats all!

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