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Meet Fantasy Romance Author Morgan Gauthier

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

In the first of what will be an ongoing video series, we'd like to introduce you to fantasy romance author Morgan Gauthier.

Morgan has been writing since she was eleven years old. Her debut fantasy, Wolves of Adalore, follows the trials of Salome and her brother, Crispin, as they embark on a journey to defeat their sister and reclaim the White Throne. First published in April of 2021, the other two books in the Mark of the Hunter trilogy (The Red Maiden, The Raven and the Wolf) soon followed.

Morgan's most recent book, A Song of Shadow and Starlight, introduces Princess Shaye and the three magic-wielding brothers from rival kingdom Trovnia that kidnap her. Kicking off her new fantasy romance series, Shadow and Starlight, Shaye soon discovers that her enemies may not be what they seem and her friends might not be as good as she has been led to believe. The next book in that series, A Ballad of Beasts and Brothers, is set for release in April 2024.

We caught up with Morgan earlier this month and sat down for a chat on writing, her works, and a variety of topics:

Hope you enjoyed meeting Morgan as much as Kat and I did! In the coming months we will be talking with more fantasy authors. Also, we will be providing some samples from the upcoming audio release of Tales from Thac. And check back here after the new year for a first look at Children of the Baleful Moon, the final book in the Rise of the Thrall Lord series.

Thanks for stopping by! F. P.

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