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Dark Monolith Now on Audio!

A demonic cult. A secret of terrifying power. A desperate race to find it first.

Dark Monolith is the third novel in the Heroes of Ravenford series. In this sequel to Ruins on Stone Hill and the Serpent Cult, the young heroes discover that the Serpent Cult is after the Thrall Masters' secrets.

A hundred and fifty years prior, the Thrall Masters nearly destroyed the land of Thac. If the cult were to get its hands on their terrifying power, all of Thac would be doomed.

To stop them, Glolindir and friends must seek out an ancient monolith hidden somewhere in the depths of the mysterious Darkwoods. Yet first they must deal with accusations of treason. They have been branded traitors and must prove themselves in trial by combat or be banished from Ravenford forever.

From the tournament fields of Ravenford Keep to the depths of the Darkwoods, the heroes face deadly traps, fierce monsters, and cunning demons. Can they reach the Dark Monolith before the cult? And if so, what terrifying magical force awaits them there?

Monolith has been initially released in audio format on Audible and Amazon. Other sites will be added shortly and I will provide a universal link for them all. In the meantime, Monolith is available in ebook and paperback formats at this link.

Below is an excerpt from Dark Monolith. After many trials along the way, the companions have finally entered the Thrall Masters' monolith. They find the place fraught with incredible traps the likes of which they've never seen. In this particular scene, Donnie watches on in horror as their latest companion, the Knight of the Rose Alana, along with the young shapeshifter, Ruka, take on a giant iron golem in the midst of a molten pit of lava:

Hope you liked it! Stay tuned in coming months for more audio releases from Heroes of Ravenford and more news and excerpts from the Rise of the Thrall Lord series.


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Georgiana Gheorghe
Georgiana Gheorghe
Apr 03, 2022

Sounds interesting. Congrats!

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