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The Baron's Heart Now Available

Hi All,

The Baron's Heart is now available at Amazon in ebook format. The print version will follow shortly.

Thanks again for all the interest in this series. Kathryn and I have had a lot of fun writing it, and are looking forward to bringing you more adventures in the near future.

In the coming months, we'll cover you a few more excerpts from the Baron's Heart. We will also delve into the upcoming anthology, Tales from Thac. I've already finished one of the stories, a short introducing Lloyd's older brother Pallas.

For those who have read the series, Pallas has been mentioned a few times. Yet this will be the first time we will actually get to meet the character. The anthology will introduce some other new characters as well. More details to follow.

Anyway, going to let Kathryn add a few words here before we sign off for the month. Thanks again, everyone!


When I first read The Ruins of Stone Hill, I had no idea I would become a co-author to this amazing series. I am honored to have been a part of this, and I cannot express how much fun I’ve had working with F.P. Spirit. To quote Kalyn Rahn, it’s been “slicker n’ snot”!

I am super excited for the projects we have ahead of us, and I am looking forward to completing more works of awesomeness with F.P. and presenting them to our awesome readers. Thank you all for taking this amazing journey with us, and please stick around for more fun n’ games that are sure to come!

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