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Pre-order The Baron's Heart

As promised, the Baron's Heart is now up for pre-order on Amazon. The expected release date is October 17th. Kathryn and I are extremely excited about this last entry in the Heroes of Ravenford series. It has been a labor of love bringing the young heroes to life for you to read. We are extremely grateful for all the interest in these characters and their stories.

For those of you who have been following this blog, you've already read a number of excerpts from the book. For those who haven't, a brief synopsis follows:

The Baron of Ravenford has been assassinated—brutally murdered in the dead of night.

Even more gruesome, his heart was stolen. With the body magically preserved, there’s only a short window of time to find it and resurrect him. Once again, it’s up to the young heroes to seek out the truth.

Who murdered Gryswold and why? Where did they take his heart? Was it an act of jealousy or is there a more sinister motive behind it all?

On top of that, why are people suddenly disappearing from town? Does it have anything to do with rumors of a Dunwynn occupation? Are there darker forces at work?

From the underside of Vermoorden to the catacombs beneath Ravenford itself, the heroes face lethal assassins, creatures of the night, and an imminent invasion. Can they protect Ravenford and still find the baron’s heart in time?

As mentioned previously, this is not the end of the young heroes' adventures. A second series concerning them is in the offing, loosely titled Rise of the Thrall Lord. That series will pick up the story where things were left off at the end of Heroes. Fair warning though, the new series will be a bit more intense -- think world level threatening danger intense!

In the interim, work has begun on an anthology of short stories from the land of Thac. Titled, Tales from Thac, it will branch out to other characters, both old and new, that have, or will, cross paths with the young heroes. Look for the anthology this time next year, and the first book from Rise of the Thrall Lord, Empress of the Damned, in 2020.

Thanks again for your interest in our series. We hope you love reading it as much as we love writing it!

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