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Dark Monolith - New Cover

As promised, here is the new cover for the Dark Monolith, Heroes of Ravenford Book 3. Once again, the artwork was created by the incomparable Jackson Tjota, and the cover design is by S Pro Designs:

The previous covers depicted some of the main characters in the series. In contrast, the cover to book 3 focuses on two very import support characters, the mysterious shape-shifter, Ruka, and the fiery Knight of the Rose, Alana. Both women play important roles in book 3, and thus, I felt warranted front cover status. Jackson brings these two awesome women to light in his typically amazing fashion. Ruka is shown leaping into battle with her lightning sword, Inazuma, in hand, while Alana is depicted in full-armored regalia, her holy sword glowing and shield readied.The background is from a deadly encounter inside the monolith, where both Alana and Ruka step right into the fray beside Lloyd and Donnie.

Once again, I am truly blessed to work with such talented people. Look for an excerpt from book three this month. Books one and two are ready for publishing, and I just might do so in the next couple of weeks. Book 3 is still in the works, however, so that might need to be pulled off the market and relisted when it is ready (still deciding on that.)

Anyway, book 4 in the series, Princess of Lanfor, is nearly halfway done. This entry in the series is being coauthored by my good friend, and fellow author, Kathryn J. Fogelman. Kathryn is penning some important chapters which map the continued adventures of Seth, who for reasons that you will just have to read, has separated from the others in book 4. But more of that in future posts!

F. P.

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