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Xelda Sheenarn is the granddaughter of Pheldan Ndoren’ondo, the owner of the Fine Food and Drink Emporium in Ravenford. Her background is a convoluted mixture of elven and human bloodlines. Her grandfather, Pheldan, is a half-elf, his father elven and his mother human. Yet Pheldan married a full-blooded elf named Firla’nes, their child, Narila, being more elf than human. Narila, in turn, married a human, Gathrie, the former Captain of the Ravenford Guard. Thus, although Xelda has elven blood flowing through her veins, she is slightly more human than elf.

Xelda had not been yet born when Firla’nes left Pheldan. That was just shy of twenty years ago, the elven woman unable to watch the once young half-elf grow old before her eyes. Xelda was born two years later, just before the dragon, Ullarak, laid waste to Ravenford. Both Xelda’s parents were killed in that attack, her father defending the former Baron, and her mother rushing to the Keep to be by her husband’s side.


Pheldan, already in his eighties, nonetheless raised Xelda on his own. The young girl wanted for nothing, the old merchant providing her with all the material possessions she desired. Still, Xelda grew up bitter, hating anything to do with fighting. Instead, she turned to books, her keen mind hungry for knowledge. At one point, Pheldan even paid for her magic lessons with Maltar, though that didn’t last long as the strong-willed young Xelda refused to put up with the irascible wizard’s temper.


Xelda grew up into a stunning young woman, petite, yet slim, her dark eyes and lovely diamond-shaped face exquisitely framed by long black tresses. She tends to push her hair behind her ears, proudly displaying the short, pointed lobes of her

half-elven heritage.

Xelda is quite well educated in a number of subjects, but she especially has a keen ear for languages. She speaks elven quite well for someone who has had little practice with the language—the only other person she could converse with being her grandfather until she met Glolindir.


Xelda is good friends with Kailay and Delara. The three of them are around the same age and basically grew up together. They also share a keen disdain for most of the oafish boys in town, who seem to only care about fishing, farming, or fighting. Xelda appreciates Kailay’s quick mind, and is forever encouraging her to read more, and think less about the few good-looking boys in Ravenford. As for Delara, though Xelda dislikes fighting, the tall woman warrior treats it like an art form. Unlike most men, she uses tactics more than brute strength, although Delara is strong enough to hold her own against any man. Xelda looks past Delara’s size; she is not merely strong, but has a quick wit and acid sense of humor. Delara is also nearly as well-learned as Xelda, in her younger years being tutored up at the Keep with the Lady Andrella herself.

Xelda has little use for men-folk. She has seen the heartache marriage can cause, and men are mostly stupid, anyway. She is strong-willed and stubborn—once she makes up her mind on something, that is that. Xelda sees herself taking over the family business for Pheldan, and perhaps moving it to the merchant city of Orlon one day when he finally passes on.

Books Xelda appears in

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