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Voltark is a dark mage who is head of the Black Adders, a sect of the Serpent Cult. He is a powerful caster, master of dark magic, both cruel and unforgiving. One of the highest ranking officials in the resurgent cult, Voltark has taken on a mission for his dark mistress, bringing the armies of the city of Dunwynn under their sway.


To that end, Voltark has set out for Ravenford, a backward little town on the east coast where the Duke of Dunwynn’s young heir resides. He brings his well-seasoned crew, the Black Adders, with him, but would prefer to travel unseen. To that end, Voltark makes a short side-trip to the dungeons of Kai-arborous. Rumor has it there is a tracker incarcerated there that knows all the backroads in and around the Bendenwoods. Voltark pays the man’s bounty, and enlists him as their guide.


Things go rather smoothly until they reach a strangely barren forest near a lone hill with eerie old ruins on its peak. There they encounter the Heroes of Ravenford, and a deadly battle ensues. Voltark and his forces end up losing that battle, but not all is lost for the dark mage. For death is not an end to one so black as he. Voltark will rise again, and when he does, he shall rein down a terrible wrath upon these heroes, and the people of Ravenford, carrying out his dark mistress’ wishes to enslave the heir to the Dunwynn throne.

Books Voltark appears in

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2 Serpent Cult_front cover.jpg