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Ves is the oldest of the Greymantle sisters, appearing to be around eighteen years old. She is a stunning young woman with long, golden-blonde hair, fair skin, and vivid blue-green eyes. Ves is warm and friendly, showing true concern for the welfare of others. She is also a very accomplished healer, showing divine abilities to rival Aksel.


Ves is just over five feet tall, and wears a shimmering, bronze-colored, knee-length dress that appears to be as fine as silk. She has a matching pair of fine slippers, but prefers to walk around barefoot on the beach or in the water. Ves moves with an unconscious grace, and speaks quite eloquently, hinting at either etiquette training, or a noble background.


Ves has two sisters, Maya and Ruka. They are both younger, Maya appearing to be about eight years old, while Ruka is probably around fifteen. When they first meet Glo, Lloyd, and Aksel, Ves confides to them that she and her sisters are the daughters of Rodric Greymantle. Rodric was a famous wizard that disappeared nearly one hundred years ago, at the end of the Thrall Wars. Ves tells them that after the war, Rodric married their mother, Yatharia, and moved to the Glittering Isles, living a quiet life ever since.


It soon becomes apparent that the sisters have some unusual talents. All three are very at home in the water. They can breathe underwater, swim as fast as any fish, and talk to marine animals. On their way to the Cape Marlin lighthouse, Maya and Ruka stop off and have a “conversation” with a pod of dolphins. A short while later, ​

while salvaging the sunken ships, the girls are underwater for hours, gliding through the deep so fast that Lloyd and Martan cannot keep up with them.


Maya proves to be nigh-invulnerable; when she is struck by a huge rock upon entering Cape Marlin light, the young girl shrugs it off as if it were nothing. The lady-like Ves then displays near inhuman strength when she lifts a beached rowboat with one hand as if it were made of paper. Glo, Lloyd, and Aksel are all dumbfounded by the feat, but Ves sidesteps any discussion of the incident, citing a promise she had made not to discuss the sisters’ true nature. Later that same day, some dangerous events occur, forcing Ves to reveal at least part of their secret. She and her sisters are actually shape-shifters. Ves proves this by changing her form into a giant eagle, and flying Aksel over to the mainland in search of their lost golem, the Boulder.


On the journey home from Cape Marlin, the companions have a run-in with a copper dragon. Though it turns out to be friendly, the creature is searching for its ‘charges,’ three young blonde sisters. Glo and the others choose to not give the girls away, but afterwards the elven wizard confronts them. Defying Ruka, Ves confesses that they are runaways, that their father has disappeared, and they are searching for him against their family’s wishes.


Rodric Greymantle was approached by the Wizard’s Council after all these years in seclusion. It seems that a number of the council’s members have recently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. With nowhere else to turn, the council approached Rodric to investigate the disappearances. The famous wizard accepted the job, setting out on his own nearly three months ago. He hasn’t been heard from since.


The companions ultimately decide to help the sisters find their father. The sisters, in turn, promise to aid them in their endeavors. Ves comes to the companions’ aid during the dangerous battle with the Serpent Cult, healing Glo of some deadly wounds. Later she presents him with a pearl of ‘friendship,’ an amulet that can be used to contact the sisters whenever the companions are in need. Though the future is uncertain, one thing becomes apparent—the fate of the companions and the three sisters is greatly intertwined. It is just as well, for much danger lays in wait for all of them in the dark days ahead.

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