Tales from Thac

F.P. is currently working on an anthology entitled Tales from Thac, a collaborative work with a group of his author friends. The anthology will include approximately ten short stories concerning some favorite characters from the Heroes series. It will also introduce new characters that will appear in the next series, Rise of the Thrall Lord. The anthology is planned for release in the spring of 2020.

Rise of the Thrall Lord

The last book will wrap up the Heroes of Ravenford series, but the adventures of Aksel, Andrella, Donnie, Elladan, Glo, Kalyn, Lloyd, Seth, and Ruka will not end there. Their adventures take a more serious turn as they come up against opponents of legendary proportions. It is no longer just Ravenford in jeopardy, but the entire world of Arinthar that is in danger from forces of unimaginable proportions. Get ready to follow our Heroes onward through the Rise of the Thrall Lord.

The first book in the Rise of the Thrall Lord series will be entitled City of Tears. It is currently in progress with plans for release by mid 2020.

Another Series?

Kathryn and I are currently kicking around ideas for another fantasy series with a LitRPG/GameLit twist to it. Though still in the planning stages, it would take place partly in the "real world" and partly in an entirely different fantasy realm than Thac. More details will be forthcoming as we pull ideas together.

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Upcoming Projects