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Delara “Titan” Ranblade is a mercenary warrior. As her nickname suggests, she is tall, approximately 5’11”, with broad shoulders and a smoothly-muscled physique. Delara is rather fair of face with high cheekbones and striking blue eyes. She wears her dirty-blonde hair braided on the sides and down the center in a warrior-like fashion. Delara would be considered pretty if not for the grim expression she typically wears.

When she is out about town, Delara is typically garbed in form-fitting chainmail specially made for her by the local smithy and padded by the town tailor, Arwel. When she is on the job, she wears a gleaming set of full plate armor with magically inscribed ruins that make it lighter and easier to maneuver in. She also wears a metallic headband across her brow that is shaped like the letter ‘M’ with an attached piece reaching down to the jaw on either side of her face. In addition, she carries a large metal shield with the likeness of a rearing lion over two crossed swords on a diagonally split backdrop of red and silver—her family crest.


Delara’s blue eyes can be daunting in battle, a fire behind them that can startle even the fiercest of foes. Yet outside of battle, Delara is reserved, tending to quietly observe her surroundings. Thus, she can be perceived as cold to those who either don’t know her well, or whom she doesn’t like. However, to those who treat her with respect, she is kind and even warmhearted.

Delara is the daughter of Gelpas Ranblade, the Captain of the Ravenford Guard. She has two brothers, Bret, one year older, and William, one year younger. Delara’s mother, Dema, died during childbirth with Will. Delara has really no memories of her

mother. She was more or less raised at Ravenford Keep by the Lady Gracelynn and the castle servants. Her father brought Delara and her brothers with him to the Keep while he was working. Thus, the young Lady Andrella was almost like a sister to her, both girls being raised and tutored together.

When they were old enough, her father inducted all three of his children into lessons at arms. Gelpas believed that everyone, man or woman, should learn to defend themselves. All three took to the sword and shield, but Delara eventually surpassed them when she hit a massive growth spurt. Upon reaching puberty, Delara shot up in height, growing taller than even her older brother, Bret. Yet with that height also came inordinate strength.


Rumors abounded of “Titan” blood among her mother’s side of the family, Dema herself reaching 5’8”. Delara could soon best her brothers, even two on one, with the sword, but her prowess caused friction between them, especially Bret. He was the one that coined the nickname “Titan” for her, but it was mean-spirited. Soon, the entire town was calling her that, although no one would dare in front of her father.


Delara grew away from both her brothers and Andrella. As of late, the young lady had grown more interested in jewelry and fashion, something Delara had no interest in. Instead, Delara was befriended by two other girls who were considered outcasts by most of the town. Xelda Sheenarn was the granddaughter of the half-elven merchant, Pheldan. Xelda has lost both her parents during the dragon attack on Ravenford some years ago. Xelda was looked down upon not only because she was a half-elf, but that she spent her life with her nose in books.


Her second new friend was Kailay Finespun, the tailor’s daughter. Kailay had lost her father during the dragon attack as well. Kailay was a pretty little thing, but she was boy crazy. The boys in town did not like being chased, so they tended to shun Kailay. Kailay originally liked Delara’s brother, Bret, but when that didn’t work out, she and Delara became good friends.


When Will and Bret eventually joined the town guard, Delara balked at the thought. Most of the boys she grew up with were now in the guards, and she did not want to be part of that group of “knit-wits”. Thus, when Brundon Twyll breezed into town looking for mercenary work, he and Delara quickly hit it off. Brundon did not see Delara as some tall “freak”, but rather as a force to be reckoned with. He was one of the only men, other than her father, who treated Delara as a person.


When Brundon suggested they go into the mercenary business together, Delara jumped at the chance. Taking on her childhood nickname of “Titan,” the two began taking jobs around town and swiftly made a name for themselves. Her choice of profession put somewhat of a wedge between Delara and her father, but that didn’t stop Delara from following her own path.


Brundon and Delara became good friends, always kidding and joking with each other. Though Brundon can be somewhat of a ‘ladies-man,’ he never crossed that line with Delara. When they are being serious, he treats her with the greatest respect. Still, despite her denial of it, Delara has become very fond of the roguish tracker.


Their success as mercenaries continued until caravans began disappearing in the Bendenwoods. Delara wanted to go and investigate, but Brundon felt it was a fool’s errand, making excuses about the size of the wood. When Delara wanted to join one of the caravans, her father flat out refused to hire them for the job. The entire affair made Delara bitter.


Thus, when the Heroes came to town, and wanted to hire her and Brundon, Delara jumped at the chance. It had been awhile now since they had had a good paying job. Brundon had dragged his feet, obviously trying to hustle the Heroes for more money, but Delara would have none of it, immediately taking the job offer. Brundon whined about it afterwards, but Delara shut him up by offering him her share of the pay.


It turned out to be a wild adventure. Delara had never faced such daunting adversaries, or fought beside such brilliant comrades. Lloyd, in particular, intrigued her. The things the warrior could do in battle were truly amazing. Delara immensely enjoyed traveling with the Heroes, but eventually felt like she was losing her edge to Lloyd. It was the last straw that prompted her to follow an old dream.


Delara decided to set out for the Wind Tower to the west, and apply to become a Knight of the Rose. It was not an easy decision, especially when she confronted her father, but in the end she got his blessing. What truly surprised her though, was that Brundon decided to come with her. It made her feel strangely warm inside that her partner stuck by her side, even though it took them both away from what could have been a lucrative career. Now she only hoped she could cut it as a Knight.

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