Dark Monolith

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“They’ll be able to make… golems that haven’t been seen… since the Thrall Masters walked the earth…” Tevlar’s corpse warned.


A hundred and fifty years have passed since the Thrall Masters nearly destroyed the land of Thac. Now the secret to their terrifying power has been found and the Serpent Cult is after it.


To stop them, Glolindir and friends must seek out an ancient monolith hidden somewhere in the depths of the mysterious Darkwoods. Yet first they must deal with accusations of treason. They have been branded traitors and must prove themselves in trial by combat or be banished forever.


From the tournament fields of Ravenford Keep to the depths of the Darkwoods, the young heroes face deadly traps, fierce monsters, and cunning demons. Can they reach the Dark Monolith before the cult? And if so, what terrifying magical force awaits them there?

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"This series is amazing, I got it when the first three were out and had to buy them. I am reading them again now that I have bought the fourth one."- aya-shoru
"What a fantastic addition to the Heroes of Ravenford series! F.P. Spirit has not let me down with this book and has kept me hooked. The plot is great and there is a lot more character development in this book than the last which was great to see. Near the end of the book is where a lot of people will be excited. Ruka and her sisters' major mysterious secret...IS REVEALED! That's right we learn what's up with these three girls and man is it an interesting one." - Shannon 
"Author F.P. Spirit has not disappointed me with this third edition to the "Heroes of Ravenford". Besides packed with fun adventure, awesome characters full of sarcasm and wit, and great battles, there is a lot more mystery and puzzle solving in The Dark Monolith. As in the last two books,there are some brilliant plot twists in the story, one of which took me completely by surprise (which is rare). Overall, I have to say that The Dark Monolith is my favorite book in the Hero series thus far!" - Kathryn Joy