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Telvar is an evil mage, a necromancer specifically. Necromancy is the art of using negative arcane energy to gather undead minions. The more powerful the practitioner, the more undead creatures they can gather to their side. Opponents who fall in the vicinity of a necromancer become part of those undead forces. Thus, a powerful practitioner of this art can have a veritable army of undead to command.


Telvar has taken up residence in the ruins up on Stone Hill, an ancient stronghold to the southwest of Ravenford. There he is raising an army of bugbears and undead to protect the keep while he searches through it for hidden works of the long dead Gollem Thrall Master, Larketh. Telvar heard rumors that some of the old master’s works could be found in those ruins. The rumors prove to be true when he discovers two gollems of such quality and strength that could have only been made by Larketh himself. What he doesn’t count on is the discovery of a scroll of far more importance than the works of even Larketh. It is an ancient scroll holding a deadly power, one that few mages, if any, can wield.


Yet Telvar’s days are numbered when he runs afoul of the young Heroes of Ravenford. The young companions are sent to the ruins by the wizard Maltar, to search for the very scroll Telvar has already found. Multiple battles ensue between the companions and the evil mage’s minions, until Telvar himself has to step in with his two Golems. The subsequent confrontation is deadly, and not everyone will survive.

Books Telvar appears in

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