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Shalla Vesperanna is a traveling bard. Her contralto voice and attractive appearance make her an instant hit in whatever town she graces with her presence. A consummate performer, Shalla can dance and act as well as sing. She is also an excellent songwriter, yet Shalla has always wanted to be a singer first. Thus, she has set out to make a singing career of her own, using her musical contacts to book performances in the best events, such as the Lady Andrella’s coming of age party.

Shalla is a very beautiful woman. Tall and sultry, her heart-shaped face, tiny nose, and high cheekbones are framed with wavy brown hair that falls well past her shoulders. Shalla usually dresses to accentuate her shapely figure. Her stage outfit consists of a frilly white tunic with either a brown jacket or forest green vest, and form-fitting brown pants stuffed into knee-length brown leather boots. Her preferred instrument is the lute, or flute, although she can play a host of others.

A native of Lukescros, Shalla studied at the Bardic College in that town. It is where she learned the many languages she knows, as well as how to dance, act, play multiple musical instruments, and both read and write music. Her one hit song, Rise Up like a Phoenix, has been performed by some of the most famous musical personalities in Thac, including the incomparable Cassilla Nightbird, and the fiery red-headed diva, Angel Flame.

Shalla wrote the famous song under the pen name, ‘Shalia King,’ a fact she likes to keep to herself. Thus, she will not typically perform that song. Instead, Shalla tends to stick to heart-wrenching ballads, or melancholy tunes that suit her deep contralto voice. Her performances are typically captivating, usually not leaving a dry eye in the house when she is finished. Still, Shalla can perform lively music when the occasion calls for it.

When Shalla meets Elladan, the duo immediately hit it off. They perform a crowd-pleasing duet together, strutting around the stage with a chemistry that is positively electric. Shalla’s contralto voice blends perfectly with Elladan’s high baritone, making duets between the duo a magical experience. Their performance together at the Lady Andrella’s birthday gala is the centerpiece of the entire evening.

When the Heroes purchase the Charging Minotaur, and Elladan offers her the position of manager, Shalla has to think twice about it. The little seaport is in an excellent location, at the crossroads between Dunwynn and Orlon to the north, and Lukescros and Penwick to the south. Further, the Charging Minotaur is a great place to perform, and considering her connections in the music business, she can book all sorts of talent for the little town. Shalla agrees, deciding it would be fun in the short term to see if she could build up Ravenford into a musical resort to rival Lukescros. Additional, she would still be performing herself, and if she could draw the right clientele, it would only further her own musical career.

Books Shalla appears in

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