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Seth Korzair is an enigmatic character. Almost never speaking of his past, the halfling’s background is shrouded in mystery. Yet when Seth does choose to speak, his acid wit is nearly as sharp as the numerous knives he carries hidden on his body.

At just under three feet, Seth is average height for a halfling. He is also the youngest of the group, at only sixteen years of age. Yet despite his youth and diminutive size, Seth is not one to be taken lightly. Swift and agile, the halfling is a born acrobat. He is also an expert with knives, whether hand-to-hand or thrown.


Seth is also an expert in the art of staying hidden. The halfling can pass almost undetected, even through some of the most conspicuous surroundings. Due to these talents, coupled with his quiet nature, jet-black hair, and propensity to dress exclusively in black, Seth is often mistaken for an assassin.

Seth is a realist, trusting almost no one. His companions suspect that his skeptical attitude has much to do with the halfling’s well-guarded past. As glimpses of his background trickle through, there are hints of a “shady” upbringing promoted by his ne'er-do-well family, as well as a great tragedy. It is the latter that appeared to be the last straw, leading Seth to flee his home city of Ilos.

Yet despite his “questionable” past, cynical attitude, and apparent disbelief in others, Seth is a fiercely loyal and dependable ally. He swiftly proves there is no limit to how far he will go to protect his companions.

Overall Seth is a complex character. He is just as likely to lash out at someone with his tongue as he is to defend them with his razor-sharp knives. Still, when things get dangerous, Seth can always be counted on, and that is just as well. For the darkness grows around the little town of Ravenford, and the people there are in dire need of Heroes.

Books Seth appears in

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