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Tales from Thac - Cover Art

Hi All,

With Tales from Thac only a few months away, our artist friend Jackson Tjota has been working feverishly on the cover art for the anthology. Here now is a first look at that cover art:

Tales from Thac Cover Art

The scene depicted here is from the short story entitled Battle of Fish Eye Cove. The story is being penned for the upcoming anthology by fellow author and the original creator of the land of Thac, T. Doran (warning: spoilers ahead).

This particular short story focuses on what happened to the dragon sisters, Ves and Ruka, after the events that unfolded on Anya's airship in Princess of Lanfor. After rescuing Ves from Anya's clutches, the young heroes executed a manic escape from the Princess' airship. Less than a minute later, a flight of Anya's dragons gave chase to the escapees.

After being freed from Anya's control, Ves and Ruka valiantly led off Anya's dragons away from the others. Outnumbered two to one, and one of those being a huge red, the sisters headed out to sea where the water would afford them some small advantage. It is a desperate situation, one from which they might not escape, let alone survive.

Tales from Thac is planned for an early fall release this year. Stay tuned here in the coming months for more excerpts and news about the upcoming anthology.

F. P.

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