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Spirit Talk

Tomb of the Gods

Tomb of the Gods has now been released and is available in ebook format. This latest entry in the Rise of the Thrall Lord series returns us to the original companions. The last time we saw them, Glo and Seth appeared to be dead. The rest of the companions were saddled with an impossible task: find the staff of the missing god of light and remove it from his tomb. If not, the city of Penwick would meet an icy death at the hands of the maniacal dracolich, Jinkolothos. Click on the buttons below to purchase this latest novel from your favorite online bookstore.

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Heroes of Ravenford

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The entire Heroes Ravenford series is now available as an ebook boxed set. Further, each novel from that series can now be purchased in audiobook format...

HeroesFullBoxSet - Copy_edited.png

Children of the Baleful Moon

Amazingly, I actually started writing this last entry in the Rise of the Thrall Lord series. Usually I take a few months off between books, but the muse struck me and who was I to say no? So, I now have the first paragraph done with a visit to our favorite seeress. Elistra sets up the story in reminding us what had previously transpired on the coast and hinting at what might yet come to be.

I can promise it will be a whirlwind ride full of pirates, aliens, and demons. In the end though, we will come full circle and have a final confrontation with the Undead Thrall Master.

Children of the Baleful Moon background small.jpg
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