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Spirit Talk

Children of the Baleful Moon

Hi All, the pirate conclave arc is moving along slow, but steady. The Raiders have arrived at the hidden isle and are getting into the thick of things.

This part of the novel will reveal much including: who is involved with the alien invaders, how they might be linked to the demons, and will finally put to rest the Dasati right of succession. There will be many confrontations ahead with the likes of the Black Witch of the Sea, Eboneye's brother, Rikton, and even perhaps Eboneye himself. I will stop there though, before I reveal too much. As I said before, you can look forward to a wild ride fraught with intrigue, dark secrets, and battles galore.

Once I have finished this arc, we will return to Penwick where the Heroes will confront the Undead Thrall Master. That will be a climactic battle that might just end up destroying an entire plane of existence. If you have not heard the term before, I will coin it here: annihilation pong. Trust me, it's going to be epic.


If you've been following these entries, you already know this will not be the end of the adventures of Glo, Lloyd, Seth, and the others. While many things will resolved in this series, their journeys are far from over. At the very least, another anthology is in the offing, to be written next year when this series is complete.

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Tales from Thac Audio

Hey folks, Just a quick update. Alex (my excellent narrator and friend) and I have had to go directly to Audible to get Tales from Thac published there. The recorded sections have been edited and submitted for review. We are now waiting for their approval to finally release it. I promise to send out another email when they finally do and to celebrate we  will be run the giveaway for a free copy as promised.

In the interim, if you still have not picked up your copy, the Tales audio recordings are available at a number of other sites. Here is a link where you can find all of them (scroll down for the audio links). At the risk of repeating myself, Alex has done an outstanding job in bringing these tales and characters to life. I thoroughly enjoyed this rendition and trust you will as well.

Tales from Thac Audio.jpg

Tales from Thac II

Hey everyone, While its not definite yet, J. L. Price might be joining Kathryn, Shannon, and I in doing another Thac anthology. If so we can add another venture with Donatello into the list of the other story ideas we've already been kicking around.

Once again, we will make certain in this anthology that all the stories are somehow interrelated. Though most people seemed to love the first anthology, many liked the way the first three stories followed each other.

Other ideas we're discussing of may include the story of the Raiders return to Lanfor and their subsequent infiltration of Parthos - the homefront of the alien invasion. You can be certain we'll visit more with the pirate nations. Another could be a followup to the story of Lloyd and Andrella. (I will not say more as I don't want to give away any spoilers.)

Again, I thought it might be good to get some input from you all. So once Children is complete, I intend to formally poll folks here and on my social media for ideas. 

Thanks and talk soon!

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