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Maltar Moriedan is the official town wizard of Ravenford. He is an irritable man who has become somewhat of a recluse in the last few years. Nearly always garbed in deep purple robes, Maltar is rather tall and thin, with dark short-cropped hair and thin beard with vague hints of gray.

The past middle-aged wizard was the one-time companion of the Baron Gryswold and the Abbot Qualtan in their adventures across the lands of Thac and surrounding islands. When Gryswold won the title to the Barony of Ravenford, Maltar seemed quite eager to settle down in the sleepy little town. He took up his abode in a tower in the corner of Ravenford Keep and lived there rather peacefully for a number of years.


The Baron and Maltar had a falling out a few years ago—as the wizard grew in power, his ego seemed to grow with it. After a rather heated argument with Gryswold behind closed doors, the wizard moved out of the keep and procured a cottage on the other side of town. Nonetheless, Maltar did take on a few apprentices, one of them being the Lady Andrella for a short time.

These days, Maltar is rarely seen outside his home, preferring to seclude himself away in his lab on the top floor of his abode. He seems unconcerned with the day to day happenings around town, usually ignoring requests from even Gryswold. The irritant wizard thinks the majority of people idiotic and inane, considering himself a genius above the rest. As such, he feels it is his right to join the Wizard’s Council in Lymeridia, the council that rules over the entire magical community of Thac. Maltar has yet to prove himself worthy of such a position though. Thus, he is ever in search

of a way to demonstrate his worth to that ruling body.


Maltar does respect one thing though—power. Anyone who exhibits power is of interest to the mage. That interest, however, is usually in the form of how he can use that person to further his own interests. That is most likely the reason why he takes interest in the Heroes when they first appear in Ravenford, and later takes on Glolindir as his apprentice.

Books Maltar appears in

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