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Lloyd Stealle is a truly selfless individual. The handsome young warrior is a Spiritblade, a master of sword and spirit. Lloyd wields two oversized blades in his large hands, but despite their great size, he moves like a whirlwind. Those blades also have a tendency to light on fire, a product of the young warrior’s prowess in the martial arts.

At just eighteen years old, Lloyd stands at 6’ 2” with broad shoulders, and a lean muscular physique. A shock of tousled brown hair caps his youthful features, his dark brown eyes keen and penetrating. Clad in red leather armor that covers his torso, Lloyd appears quite intimidating. Yet he is as gentle of nature off the battlefield as he is deadly upon it.


As a Spiritblade, Lloyd has learned to use his body, mind and spirit in combination to perform feats that seem almost superhuman in nature. It is a form of martial arts that he has studied from a very young age, a grueling regimen that required the training of mind and spirit as well as the body. Having mastered this art, Lloyd can now call upon his spiritual essence to enhance his already extraordinary strength and agility.


Lloyd is also a young nobleman, the youngest son of a well-to-do Penwick family. After earning the title of Spiritblade, Lloyd left home to make his own way in the world. It is his fervent desire to help others and carve a name for himself on his own merits.

Lloyd is not on the road long when he runs into Glolindir, Aksel, and Seth. The trio

are in dire situation surrounded by monstrous foes. Lloyd literally vaults into the battle, swiftly turning the tide, until he comes face-to-face with a truly huge foe. The battle is on in earnest, and Lloyd must call on all his training to survive the day. In the end, the four young heroes are victorious and decide to band together as a team.

Lloyd is the heart of the young companions. His indomitable attitude and strength of spirit make him a force to be reckoned with. A steadfast ally, his friends come to rely on him more and more as the challenges they face become progressively deadlier. For the darkness is growing around their new home town of Ravenford, and the people of that town are in dire need of Heroes.

Books Lloyd appears in

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