The Blue Scream of Jeff


Budding author and self proclaimed “geek” Jeff Price always has something interesting to say.

Artist Jackson Tjota


Home of the very talented Jackson Tjota on Deviant Art. Jackson is an amazing artist who has done all the latest book covers for the Heroes of Ravenford Series to date.

Amalia Chitulescu


Website of the amazing Amalia Chitulescu. Amalia is a digital artist who does book covers and graphic titles. She has give the Heroes of Ravenford series a much needed and appreciated face lift.

Master Story Teller Kathryn Fogelman


Home of Kathryn Fogelman, author of Tales of the Wolven. Master Story Teller Kathryn has much to say about many topics. Always an interesting site to stop by.

Author Shannon Pemrick


Home of Shannon Pemrick, author of the Experimental Heart series and designer of this site. Stop by and visit Shannon for book reviews, news on her series and her designs, and more.

Sandra Nguyen


Facebook page of my wonderful editor, Sandra. If you are in search of a "fresh set of eyes", Sandra comes highly recommended!