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One hundred and fifty years ago, during the time of the Thrall Wars, the dwarf, Larketh, was the Golem Thrall Master, a lieutenant of the Thrall Lord. The dwarven master wielded a magic unparalleled even by today’s standards. His golems were the strongest of constructs and utterly under his control. Along with the other great Thrall Masters, his minions reigned terror and destruction over the island continent of Thac.


When the Thrall Lord and his masters were finally beaten, Larketh and all of his knowledge was lost. No trace of his works had been found until the unearthing of two of his former golems and a manual of golem creation by the Heroes of Ravenford at the ruins upon Stone Hill. A subsequent discovery a short time later sends the companions racing to the Darkwoods to find an ancient monolith belonging to the Golem Master. This Darkwoods monolith supposedly contains weapons far more powerful than anything they have already found. For Larketh’s power with constructs has yet to be surpassed, even to this day.

Books Larketh is mentioned in

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