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Kalyn Rahn is a Deepwood Sniper. She is an incredible archer with an eagle eye and the ability to fire off multiple arrows in rapid succession without sacrificing an ounce of accuracy. She is also an excellent tracker and excels at moving undetected through the wild. In the woods, she is a deadly opponent capable of taking down almost anything in her sights.

Kalyn is a young woman with a slim, 5’ 3” well-toned physique, and a head of long, wavy, reddish-brown hair that is usually kept in a loose, messy braid. She has an oval-shaped face with stormy gray eyes and ivory skin that is lightly freckled around her nose and cheeks. As quick with her wit as she is with a bow, she more than not wears a slight grin, but when Kalyn is serious, her countenance is positively grim.


Being a tracker, Kalyn is typically garbed in a forest green hooded jacket, a knee-length brown skirt slit all the way up either side, green pants, soft, brown leather boots, and a leather arm guard on her bow arm. She is armed with a longbow, carved with ornate runes along its entire length and a matching brown quiver slung over her right shoulder. She also carries two sai on her, one in each boot. Kalyn wears no jewelry with the exception of a spiral pale-green elfstone amulet, an heirloom that has been passed down through her family for generations.


Kalyn lives and works at the Twisted Tree tavern, the only inn in her tiny hometown of Deepwood, situated in the northern end of the Bendenwoods. The tavern is owned and run by her family, her mother, father, and two brothers, Decon and Daer. Kalyn has been an archer and a tracker most of her twenty-one years, ever since she was old enough to hold a bow.


Most occupants of Deepwood are taught the use of the bow and how to hunt, Kalyn being no exception. The Snipers of Deepwood are a militia known far and wide for their prowess with the bow. They are descendants of the Hiranzara, the legendary archers of the mad Emperor Naradon, migrated after their tragic involvement in the human-elf wars some 500 years ago. Haunted by the destruction they had unwittingly taken part in, the archers settled in Deepwood and have kept to themselves ever since.


The Snipers only marched forth once since then, during the Thrall Wars. The

Undead Thrall Master turned out to be none other than the Warlord Valanor, the very man who had duped the Hiranzara into battling the elves those many years ago. The Snipers saved many towns and villages from the hordes of Valanor, thus making up in part for their folly during the human-elf wars and kindling their legend anew.

Kalyn and her two brothers are all expert archers, although Kalyn is the better tracker. While her brothers are busy hunting or drilling militia members, Kalyn can usually be found scouting the forest with her silver lynx companion, Elfar. If she’s not doing that, then she is either helping her mother and father in the tavern, or spending time with her good friend, Fran, the local “witch” and crazy person who lives just outside of town.

Kalyn first meets Seth during a deadly encounter in the forest just outside of Deepwood. The stealthy halfling had been tracking a dark mage cultist for a couple of days in hopes of finding the Serpent Cult’s lair. The trail led through the northern Bendenwoods where the mage set a trap for Seth. While typically capable of handling himself, Kalyn came to the halfling’s aid at that dire moment.

Not the trusting type, Seth was wary of Kalyn and her friend Fran at first. Yet when it became apparent they were the only ones who could help him find the cult’s lair, Seth went along with them. Kalyn expertly led Seth to the hollow, where the pair discovered the cult’s plans to bring their ‘goddess’ into this world. Via Fran, the duo was able to enlist the aid of the druids of Bendenwood, and thus contact the rest of Seth’s companions.

Kalyn accompanied Seth once again to rendezvous with the Lloyd, Glo, Aksel and the others, unwittingly reuniting with her childhood friend Martan. It was a frosty reunion at best, Kalyn not knowing that her brothers had actually driven Martan away from Deepwood those many years before.


Kalyn led the entire troop to Serpent’s Hollow and was instrumental in the battles that followed, proving herself a stalwart ally to the Heroes of Ravenford.

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