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Kailay Finespun is a barmaid at the Charging Minotaur, one of the three taverns in Ravenford. Kailay is a vivacious young woman, with long, curly, strawberry blonde hair, and a shapely figure which she loves to show to her advantage. Kailay has a sweet smile and her eyes dance when she laughs, something which she does more than not. She is a favorite among the patrons at the Charging Minotaur.

Kailay’s mother is Arwel Finespun, the town tailor. Her father, Briginus, died eighteen years ago, during the dragon attack upon Ravenford. Kailay has an older sister, Gristla, who is currently an apprentice to the wizard, Maltar.


Though not book-learned like her sister, Kailay is rather bright. The young woman hears a lot via her job at the Minotaur, and thus knows much of what is happening at any given moment in the town. She is therefore an excellent source of who’s who, local events, town history, and any rumors that are being bandied about.


Kailay is also an incorrigible flirt, something which has gotten her into trouble in the past. Her good friends, Xelda and Delara, are constantly trying to convince her to do something more with her life than moon over the few good-looking boys in town, or handsome strangers that are passing through. Xelda is always bringing her new books to read, and Delara has even offered to teach her the ways of the sword. Yet Kailay always politely refuses—she likes her job at the Minotaur, and hearing the stories from adventurers passing through the little town on their way north or south up the coast.


When the Heroes first show up in town, Kailay develops an instant crush on the tall,

handsome Lloyd. Yet, despite her best efforts, the shy young man keeps a respectful distance from the bubbly young blonde. Kailay is heartbroken when she first hears about Lloyd and Andrella, but eventually takes it in stride, becoming friends with all the young heroes.

Books Kailay appears in

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