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The Lord Gryswold Avernos is the Baron of Ravenford, ruler of that town and the surrounding lands. He is the husband of Gracelynn and father of the young Lady Andrella. Gryswold is direct, assertive, and confident, yet he is no diplomat. Thus, he shares the overseeing of the barony with Gracelynn, who is far more schooled in politics than he.

Gryswold is the fourth son of the Baron of Penwick, and thus had to fight to win his own titles and lands. In his younger days, he was an adventurer, traveling Thac with a small band that included the current town wizard, Maltar, and the Abbot Qualtan. He was awarded the title to the Barony of Ravenford when he slew the dragon Ullarak, who had slain the previous baron.

Gryswold is still a warrior at heart, preferring to dress in modest finery of a military cut with a long sword strapped at his side. Although he is now middle-aged, Gryswold is still a tall, powerfully built man, with barely a hint of gray in his dark brown hair, beard, and mustache. An imposing figure who can sometimes come across as irritable, he nonetheless is truly concerned about the well-being of all in his care.

One of Gryswold’s greatest concerns is his daughter, Andrella. His brother-in-law, Lord Kelvick, the Duke of Dunwynn, has made it no secret that he wants Andrella under his close personal supervision. Kelvick, having no children of his own, has named Andrella as the heir apparent to his duchy. Gryswold put his foot down on the matter, forbidding Andrella to leave Ravenford until she comes of age. In the meantime, the Duke has made it his personal mission to spoil the child, forever

sending her clothing, jewelry, and tutors to school her in the ways of nobility. Thankfully, Gracelynn has been able to temper the girl’s schooling, teaching her about not just the rights of nobility, but the obligations to one’s people.


Another issue has been the constant appearance of suitors attempting to win Andrella’s hand in marriage. The endless line of simpering fools that have shown up at their doorstep would have driven a lesser man insane. Luckily, Andrella has had the good sense to turn these obviously power hungry suitors away.


Good fortune finally smiled upon Gryswold when the young Lloyd Stealle appeared in their court recently. The young man is the son of an old friend of Gryswold’s from his days in Penwick, Kratos Stealle. The Stealles are a fine family, level-headed and good-hearted people who understand the true responsibilities of nobility. The handsome, unassuming young noble gained Andrella’s interest without even trying. Marrying Andrella off to a good Penwick man would solve many of Gryswold’s problems, including his concerns over the barony’s future and keeping his daughter out of Dunwynn’s clutches.

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