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The Lady Gracelynn Avernos is the Baroness of Ravenford, wife of Gryswold and mother of the young Lady Andrella. Gracelynn is a stately woman, tall and lithe with long chestnut hair, bright amber eyes, and porcelain skin. She is aptly named as she is the very picture of grace in both appearance and temperament, and is well loved by the people for her compassion and benevolence.

Lady Gracelynn is also a cleric of Arenor, the Hand of Light. A fairly proficient healer, she tends to wear pale blue and prominently displays the symbol of her god, a golden circle with six rays spreading outward, somewhere upon her personage.


The Lady Gracelynn is the second daughter of the former Duke of Dunwynn, her brother, Kelvick, having inherited the title from their father. Gracelynn comes from a background of true nobility, and while she believes in the divine right of the ruling class, she is also a firm believer in Noblesse Oblige, the obligation of those of rank to lead the common folk by example. It is a quality she has tried to instill in her daughter.


Raising Andrella has not been an easy task for Gracelynn. Her brother, Kelvick, has done his utmost to spoil the child. Having no children of his own, Andrella is the heir apparent to the Duchy of Dunwynn. To that end, Kelvick is constantly sending his niece finery, as well as tutors to school her in the ways of nobility. Gracelynn has done her best to temper those lessons with her own thoughts on the ruling class and their obligations to their people.

Kelvick has also tried on numerous occasions to spirit Andrella away to Dunwynn. Thankfully, Gryswold has stood firm against her brother, and forbade it until Andrella is of age to make her own decision. Still, this has not stopped nearly every noble of marrying age to attempt to court their daughter with an eye on the throne of Dunwynn. Thankfully, Andrella has turned all such suitors away.

Thus, Gracelynn was quite thankful when the young noble, Lloyd Stealle, showed up on their doorstep. The serious minded, unassuming young man, shows little interest in political gain, and, in fact, seems to share their sentiments on Noblesse Oblige. While he appears to be a good match for Andrella, too much is currently going on in, and around, Ravenford, to make wedding plans just yet.

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