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Gelpas Ranblade is Captain of the Ravenford Guard, the town constable, and the Baron’s right hand man. He is an excellent swordsman, second only to Gryswold in ability. At 6’ 2”, the red-haired, red-bearded captain is nearly as tall as the Baron, but is a fair bit leaner. Gelpas is quite shrewd, his usually-stern expression making him appear grim, but his fair-minded approach to things made him well liked by all.

Gelpas' grim disposition is most likely due to the loss of his wife, Dema. She died giving birth to their youngest child, William. His daughter, Delara, was one at the time, and his oldest son, Brett, was two. Gelpas was left to raise his three children on his own. The Captain dealt with the loss by bringing his children to work with him. Thanks to the good graces of the Baron and Baroness, the children were welcome at Ravenford Keep. There they were watched over by the castle servants, and Delara even became playmates with the young Lady Andrella for a time.


When they were old enough, Gelpas insisted in lessons at arms for all his children. Gelpas believed that everyone, man or woman, should learn to defend themselves. All three took well to the sword and shield, but Delara surpassed both her brothers. Upon hitting puberty, his daughter suffered a massive growth spurt, growing taller than everyone her age. Yet with that height came inordinate strength.


Gelpas attributed Delara’s size to her mother’s side of the family. There were rumors of “Titan” blood among them, Dema herself reaching 5’8”. Gelpas was proud of his daughter, but her prowess caused much friction between Delara and her brothers. Thus, when Bret and Will grew old enough, and joined the town guard, Delara would have nothing to do with it.

Her refusal caused a rift between Gelpas and his daughter. That rift grew even wider when she took up with the tracker, Brundon Twyll, a newly arrived mercenary in town. The duo went into business together, doing fairly well for themselves. Though Gelpas was secretly proud of Delara, he could not stand Brundon, the mercenary a bit too ‘slick’ for his tastes.


When the Heroes finally came to town, Gelpas was relieved that Delara had joined forces with them. He had hoped they would steer her clear of Brundon’s influence, but the shrewd tracker had also aligned himself with the Heroes.Ideally, Gelpas would love to see his daughter dump the scoundrel, and join the town guard—especially since Gelpas sees her as his eventual replacement.

Books Gelpas appears in

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