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Princess Marilee is cursed. A mermaid by day and a human by night, she made a fateful decision that has left her trapped between two worlds. Disgraced Prince Darius is as good as dead. At least, that’s what he wants everyone to think when he’s thrown overboard from a prison ship. When Marilee and Darius meet, they reluctantly make a deal—Darius will help Marilee return to her family in exchange for enough money so he can disappear forever.

Every dream comes at a price. Twins Genshu Masanori and Genshu Hidekazu watched in horror as a woman was kidnapped from the annual Midsummer Festival. Delving into the case, they discover she wasn't the first victim of the sorcerer who took her, nor will she be the last. But fighting to rescue the woman will mean breaking ancient clan laws against warfare. By embarking on this rescue mission they will sign their lives away to the prestigious Tsukiko Academy...

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Not long after discovering I’m adopted, I am stolen away to another world. I encounter serpents, werewolves, and vicious merfolk, all of whom are the least of my worries. The real concern is what everyone here thinks of me: namely, that I’m a lost princess who’s been prophesied to save them all. But how am I supposed to do that with no powers and a team of Dragon Hunters on my tail? I don’t want this life, and I don’t want to be here. Worst of all, I’m pretty sure they have the wrong girl. I can't be the one to save them all. 

They’ve wounded his ship, murdered his parrot, battered his reputation, and broken his trust. Everything that matters to him has come under attack. Cap’n Silus de Senza, however, is One o’ the Eight and will fight to get it all back. Not a single soul will be safe from his wrath, not even those he’s sailed alongside for years. The only person he can trust is Billy Bird, the crow’s nest girl, a young pirate with sharp eyes who’s about to see more than she ever bargained for. Available on Amazon for $0.99!

On the last day of the summer of his fourteenth year, Luan takes the first step on The Path of Swords. He has been told that the path will be hard. He knows that it will lead him into danger. The reality is beyond all his imagining. Described as "Wonderfully imagined" and "skilfully crafted", The Path of Swords is the first novella in the Song of Amhar fantasy series. Free on Amazon!


Destiny calls. One shifter answers. Lluava is a shapeshifter who struggles to control the beast lurking beneath her skin. She longs for more than life on a farm and believes she is meant for something bigger. Her life suddenly changes as invaders approach the shores of her home. Before Lluava can fight the enemy, she must confront the ruling humans. Even worse, she is forced to train with the human heir to the throne. It is the only chance—for her and for both their races.

Some victories are more costly than others, and Ina was the one that paid the price. Determined to rescue her dragon, the newly appointed royal witch embarks on a grueling journey through the wintery Grey Mountains. The weather is not her only obstacle, as the enemy forces gathered in the kobold mines have only one goal: to capture the Chaos mage and deliver her to the heart of the mountain. With blossoming love and an impossible mission, will the mysterious Blessing of the Mountain help or hinder her efforts?

It started with a Magic Key that could open a door to anywhere! Fifteen-year-old Lola just said goodbye to life as a loner. One minute she’s living with her mom in Baltimore and the next she’s receiving the keys to a southern mansion, boatloads of money, and an ancient family secret. She has no idea how she’s going to cope with a long-lost dad, an eccentric aunt, and a drop-dead gorgeous boy that keeps popping up everywhere she turns. Available on Amazon for $0.99!

A dragon-sized secret. A life-changing test.

In her sixteenth summer Birgith must face her manifestation test with all the others of her age. The test will prove her ability and solidify her place with the Bear Clan that has raised her. There’s just one problem. Birgith might shift into a bear… But she could also end up a dragon. And if that happens, she’ll end up dead and the four clans of Kaitstud will hunt and slaughter the family she’s never met. But when the test comes, she is unable to shift at all.

There are secrets more deadly than blades... and they are coming for him. Living as a lowly village boy, Will finds himself thrown into a world he could only dream of when he meets the mischievous son of an influential Lord and a calculating last heir of a powerful Count. Brought to Alamore castle, he can not believe his luck when he is invited to join his two new friends in training to become knights of the realm. But training isn't all the grandeur and chivalry he imagined.



She'll steal anything to find the cure for a deadly strain of magic. Ever since the ancient Ceteri “blessed” Earth’s inhabitants with Thaumaturgy, Lee has been able to enter the Liminal Realm, where she can influence the world without being seen or heard. But each time she uses her magic, it tears her cells further apart. Like a cancer, the magic eats away at her from the inside out. She just has to steal enough to buy the coordinates for the Ceteri’s home world and convince them to heal her, even if it means losing her abilities.

After the brutal massacre of his village, a grieving boy chooses to live with a golden dragon. If only he had known then what that choice would mean. Thirteen years later, Keegan, no longer a boy, accidentally interrupts a plot against a princess and sets events into motion that make life for he and his dragon father a complicated struggle for survival. Mythical monsters shed their fictional skin and hungrily pursue Keegan and his dragon. Haunting nightmares begin to tear at his mind. Keegan is only beginning to understand what it means to be The Dragon's Son. Available on Amazon for $0.99!

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