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A family enslaved

A tyrant rising

And they’re not on Earth anymore


For five years, 20-year-old distrustful Melanie and her brother Jason thought the Grand Canyon would keep Scalaed the dragon safe. But none of that matters when all three wake up in another world as prisoners of the ruthless High Huntress, Helnah.


Melanie is the only one who manages to escape, and must learn what it means to trust the rebel hunter who comes to her aid if she ever wants to get her brother and dragon back. Meanwhile Jason fights to reunite with Melanie until he uncovers Helnah’s heinous design for her human prisoners and must determine if he has what it takes to save them from their fate.


If they fail to take down Helnah’s dragon empire and the monstrosity dwelling in her volcano, Tindoria will burn to the ground with Scalaed at the helm.

She was once a slayer of mighty dragons, now a defender of their kind

Rayna’s vow to protect the last dragon on Atharia has been beset by danger. In all her years of hunting dragons never did she expect her best traveling companion to become one. But with a bounty of blood on their heads that bond will be tested.

Now, as they continue the journey towards the Isle of Dragons, Rayna is challenged by mercenaries, monsters, and a mysterious figure who follows wherever they go. Will the odds become too great or will Rayna rise up as the dragon warrior to quell the evil armies that seek to destroy her?

A beautiful, violent story about revenge and redemption. Rayna the Dragon Warrior continues the exciting fantasy adventure series A Time of Dragons.

‘Start at eight o’clock on the dot, not one minute later. The first Story won’t wait, and neither can you.’

Overmere is not the sleepy little town it first appears to be: it has its lake and its hills and more than its fair share of ghosts. The Wyrder’s job is to keep these spirits in check, to learn their Stories and tell them with truth and empathy, lest the ghosts feel forgotten and lash out in revenge. The time has come for Hannah Warden to take on the mantle of Wyrder. And she’s nervous. Very nervous, even though she’s been training for this since she was little. She knows every single Story inside-out, has memorised the properties and uses of her crystals, knows the vital chants off by heart. But she’s been leading the Walks side-by-side with her father for months, which meant that if things went wrong there was an expert ready to cope. After her dad suffers one health scare too many, it’s Hannah’s turn to lead this evening’s Walk alone, whether she feels ready or not. 

The world of Redolan is at war.

Queen Lenathaina has embraced her newfound power and her role as The Savior of Redolan. The rulers of every nation of the free world have gathered in Lithonia to fight by her side.

In Hathor, Arez, the God of War, has taken control of Hestia’s people and prepares for invasion. Meanwhile, Hestia has realized that not only has she been deceived but so have the Mystics that came before her. She is no goddess; she is a puppet. A puppet determined to free herself.

On the world of Bestairia, Arez’s long-time ally⸺ and lover⸺ prepares to embark on the final act of her elaborate plan to destroy all that her brother, the god Moradin, ever loved. As Nemesistaea finally leaves her seat of power to show not just Redolan, but the Universe of Somerled, who is in control, the question must be asked: is anyone strong enough to stop her?

The goblin prince killed my sister. For years, I've waited for justice, and I've finally found the perfect opportunity: Kier Kollastus, the prince himself, will agree to peace with his human enemies if a sacrifice is given. A human bride.

With my face veiled and my knives hidden, I offer myself as the prince’s sacrifice, wearing a liar’s smile as I wait to cut his throat when he sleeps.

But Kier is indestructible except for one night every year. And worse—he’s not the barbarian goblins are supposed to be. He's almost ... appealing. If I’m not careful, I’ll lose my head.

Or my traitor heart.

The Goblin’s Bride is an enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance with a revenge-sworn heroine and a brooding goblin prince. Expect sizzling tension and a dark mystery that lovers of Hades & Persephone and Beauty & The Beast will enjoy.


I’m trapped in a prison cell with the enemy.

This unsettles me for two reasons:

  1. he's annoyingly attractive, and

  2. we’ve uncovered a sinister plot involving the only place I’ve ever called home.

I’m a collector. Make that I was a collector.

In this post-apocalyptic world, collectors are the elite warriors committed to safeguarding humanity from the dangers of magic.

In an instant, my life changed forever.

I was declared a magical. One of the evolved humans that we, I mean they, the collectors, protect humanity against.

My friends threw me into a prison cell, and I was trapped with the very magical I had captured.

Together, we stumble across a dark, long-hidden truth and must salvage whatever shreds of humanity are left.

When fate tips the world towards destruction, the gods step forth to name their champion.

Peasants proverb


Chaos knows no peace or mercy, but even this primordial power is challenged by a woman willing to defy kings, gods and magic itself, fighting for what is right.

When her past returns to haunt her, saddling her with an ill-tempered warrior and death lurking in the sewers of Osterad, Inanuan must face the truth of her birthright and embrace the magic that threatens to destroy her. As she fights for her freedom and to save the kingdom, she must also confront the knowledge that the man she yearns for may never learn to trust her.

What will it take to convince Marcach she is not his enemy, especially when his eyes burn golden each time he looks at her?

The dark forces of shadow are on the hunt, and Lady Shey knows who they're hunting.

An innkeeper’s son and his friends are caught up in the plans of the sorceress, Lady Shey, and her companions who are on a quest to restore magic and stability to the kingdoms. But magic is outlawed in the lands where she is to train the fabled descendants of a time past, forcing her to get creative.

Moreover, the enemy has created an almost undetectable shapeshifting monster who is after the progenies of the past for a very different reason.

Unable to detect the creature, Lady Shey may be unwittingly leading it directly to its prey.

Every young woman in the village receives a dragon egg when she comes of age.

Young Kleia watched every single egg hatch with a heart full of longing. Raising a dragon of her own was her destiny. Her reason to live. Nothing else could give her life meaning the way a dragon could.

When she eventually got a dragon egg of her own, she learned that destiny is not always what it seems.

This is no ordinary tale of dragons—the kind with daring adventure, great battles, intrepid heroes, or comforting victories.

This is the tale of The Dragon That Never Was.

For over a century, the World of Rondure has lived under a dictatorial global power. The Nation of Bastille Culls children into their military ranks the second they display elemental ability. And to uphold their persistent warfare state, they stripped citizens of their civil liberties in the form of safety mandates to protect them from supposed national security threats. Tash Holmes, a metal morpher who evaded Bastille’s Culling for over a decade, embarks on a daring midnight raid to prove Bastille's mandates protect no one. That safety was never the endgame, but endless profiteering from the racket of perpetual war is the real reason behind the nation's persistent fear mongering. If Tash succeeds, perhaps she’ll awaken a few people. If she fails, odds are Bastille will finally Cull her into their military ranks and exploit her ability in the upcoming war against their next manufactured enemy.

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