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Sir Fafnar Strakentir is a knight in the royal army of Dunwynn, one of the most prominent cities in northeast Thac. He has curried high favor in Dunwynn’s court, and is currently the Duke’s right hand man. As such, Fafnar is rather full of himself, throwing his weight around in the name of the Duke. He is proud and arrogant, firm in his belief that the might of Dunwynn gives them the right to oversee all of eastern Thac.

Sir Fafnar is tall and thin, with shoulder-length brown hair, a pencil-thin mustache, and a goatee. His typically insipid expression is replaced with a sneer when he is dealing with those he deems “beneath his station.” He is typically garbed in the colors of Dunwynn, a doublet of pale blue decorated with lieutenant bars on the arms and the city’s insignia on his chest. An ornate-hilted long sword and double-bladed hand axe hang at his waist, so perfectly polished that they appear as if they have never been used.

Fafnar accompanies the Duke to Ravenford to attend the Lady Andrella’s coming of age celebration. Once there, the pompous knight proceeds to throw his weight around, leading to a confrontation with the companions. The arrogant lieutenant proceeds to hound them, trying to block their access to the keep at every turn. Thankfully he fails, for the safety of everyone, including the Duke himself, ends up

resting squarely on the companions’ shoulders.

Yet despite the fact that they help to protect everyone, neither Sir Fafnar, nor the Duke, are thrilled with the companions. First, Dunwynners’ are xenophobes, disliking all non-human races. Second, Fafnar is interested in courting the Lady Andrella, and Lloyd is in the way. So no matter what the companions do, they will never be on Fafnar’s good side.

Books Fafnar appears in

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