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Elladan Narmolanya is a flamboyant character. Garbed almost exclusively in white, a tightly-combed thick black mane accentuates his handsome young face, dark soulful eyes, and prominent chin. Yet despite his good looks, the striking young elf is surprisingly humble. He is just as much at home whistling a merry little tune over his cooking pots, as he is on stage in front of hundreds of people.

The five foot five inch elf hails from the elven city of Kai-Arborous, on the eastern edge of the great forest, Ruanaiaith. Elladan talks little about his family, having left the tree dwelling city at a young age to pursue a career in music. Elladan is a bard like no other. His catchy tunes and moves onstage make his performances lively and dynamic—he is a total one man show. With a voice that could “charm the wings off an angel,” the young bard is typically an immediate hit wherever he performs.

Though he never speaks of it, Elladan must have had a fine upbringing. He is very well studied in a number of subjects, especially history and geography. The latter, in particular, appears to be a passion of his—he carries around with him a collection of maps from all over the world of Arinthar. Elladan has a way with words, both written and spoken. He is fluent in numerous languages, and he seems equally at home bartering with the local merchants as he is in discussions with nobility.

Elladan is also quite an adept tactician. As a student of history, his focus has been on the many wars that have ravaged the world of Arinthar over the millennia. Elladan taps into that vast wealth of knowledge whenever it appears there is a battle on the horizon. That, and his many other talents, make him an invaluable ally to Aksel, Glo, Lloyd, and Seth. They can use all the allies they can get, for the dark shadows loom over little town of Ravenford, and the people there are in dire need of Heroes.

Books Elladan appears in

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2 Serpent Cult_front cover.jpg
3 Dark monolith_front cover.jpg
4 Princess of Lanfor_front cover.jpg
5 The Baron's Heart_Print_front cover.jp