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Donatello is an itinerant artist at heart, roving from town to town, painting portraits, mostly of nobleman’s wives. The thin, sandy-haired elf has boyishly good looks, with light blue eyes, a slightly upturned nose, and a strong chin. He is a bit of a rogue, as familiar with the seedy side of town, as he is the quarters of the local gentry.


Donnie never talks about his home, though he is most likely from Kai-Arborous, the five-foot five elf exhibiting many of the traits of his woodland brethren. Donnie will, however, ramble on about the many places he has visited in his one-hundred and ten years. The young elf has been everywhere from Lymeridia, the capital of Thac, to the Pirate Coast, along the western shores of the vast mainland.

Donnie dresses like a pirate in fact, with his puffy white shirt, brown leather vest, brown pants and knee high brown leather boots. He is also rather handy with a rapier, a slender, sharp-pointed sword with an ornate hilt almost always hanging in a scabbard at his side. Quick and agile, he is rather skilled in a fight, forever tumbling

this way and that, keeping his opponents guessing which direction he will strike from next. Donnie is also rather nimble with his fingers. He has alluded to “picking a lock or two in his time.”


Donnie also has one additional talent—where Donnie goes, trouble follows. Although not actually a talent, it appears to be true. Perhaps it is because the young elf tends to put himself in questionable situations. Donnie appears to be no stranger to outrunning the law. Still, he is a loyal companion, and will throw his life on the line for someone he considers a friend without a second thought. His many talents and devil-may-care attitude make Donnie an excellent ally to Aksel, Glo, Elladan, Lloyd, and Seth. The five youths can use him in their midst, for the dark shadows loom over little town of Ravenford, and the people there are in dire need of Heroes.

Books Donatello appears in

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