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Sir Craven Amberfield is a Knight of the Rose. A holy knight, Sir Craven is quite accomplished in combat, both on horseback, and on foot with sword and shield. He is quite strong and well-versed in tactics, thus he is a formidable opponent.


Sir Craven is a tall, approximately 6’ 0”, and is very muscular. He is a stark-featured young man of twenty-four, with long black-hair, and a neatly groomed beard and mustache. His countenance is typically quite stern, but his eyes crinkle slighting on the rare occasions he does smile.


In battle, Sir Craven wears a gleaming set of full-plate armor, with intricately carved holy ruins to make it lighter and easier to maneuver in. On top of that armor, he typically drapes a bright white tabard adorned with a single pale red rose. He wields a holy longsword that gleams with divine white light, and a “heater style” steel shield adorned with a single large rose. Off the battlefield, Craven replaces the full-plate armor with a fine set of silvery chainmail.


Craven has been a Knight of the Rose for close to four years. The knights are a holy order dedicated to Cormar, the God of the Winds. A force for good, the Knights of the Rose have been around for centuries, even participating in the battle against the Thrall Lords some hundred years prior. The ancestral home of the knights is the Wind Tower, a three-hundred-foot tall stronghold surrounded by a small town of the same name. It is situated just west of the Bendenwoods on the other side of the southern branch of the Korkessel mountain range.

Craven is the first in his family to join the Knights of the Rose. His father is a smith in the town of Wind Tower, as was his father before him. Since his older brother,

Heretical, took over the family business, Craven decided to try his hand at being a knight. The strapping young lad applied to the order at age 12, a bit older than most, but was accepted as a squire to Sir Renardo, a newly christened knight at the time, and Alana’s older brother. After seven years of intense training and deep devotion to Cormar, Craven braved the grueling trial to win his knighthood, but failed. Yet he did not give up. After the bitter disappointment, the nineteen-year-old renewed his dedication, training all that much harder. At age twenty, Craven attempted the trial again, and bested his fellow knights. In the subsequent vigil, Cormar accepted him as his knight.


Craven traveled to Ravenford with his fellow knight, Dame Alana Benefilla, to pay the respects of her order to the Lady Andrella. The heir to the Duchy of Dunwynn, Andrella was having a large celebration on the eve of her coming of age. The party, however, took a surprising turn when a radical group calling themselves the Serpent Cult attacked during the evening meal. The evil creatures were repelled in a joint effort spearheaded by the Heroes of Ravenford. Craven was impressed with them—they were an unorthodox group, but quite effective.  


The Cult had been bested, but the Heroes uncovered a further plot to obtain terrible weapons dating back to the time of the Thrall Wars. It was the sworn duty of the Knights of the Rose to stand against evil. While Alana set out with a small group to track down the cultists,  Sir Craven rode hard back to the Wind Tower to gather two companies of light infantry to support them. He gathered the troops and brought them to the town of Vermoorden to rendezvous with Alana and the others. After mapping out the location of the monolith, Sir Craven led the troops once again over land into the Darkwoods, while Alana joined the others journeying up river toward the estimated location of the monolith. With luck, they would find the ancient structure, and thwart the murderous cultists yet a second time.

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