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Lord Kelvick Dunwynn is the current Duke of the city of Dunwynn, one of the most prominent cities in northeast Thac. Kelvick is an arrogant man. He is a firm believer in the divine right of the ruling class. Always touting the superiority of his city, the Duke thinks it is his sovereign right to spread Dunwynn’s rule to his neighboring cities and towns.


Lord Kelvick is a middle-aged man, tall and thin with short black hair, a thin mustache and a goatee. There are traces of grey here and there in each, but it makes the Duke look distinguished rather than old. He is typically dressed in a pale blue outfit with the heraldic of Dunwynn woven into the fabric.


Kelvick has no children of his own. Thus, he has named his oldest niece, the Lady Andrella, as his heir. Kelvick despises the conditions his niece is being raised under. He considers Ravenford a backward town, and has little respect for his sister’s husband, Gryswold. He considers the Baron an upstart, with no real understanding of the finer aspects of nobility. To that end, Kelvick has attempted to lure Andrella away to Dunwynn, where she would be raised ‘properly,’ but Gryswold has forbidden it until she is of age. Still, Kelvick has not completely given in, constantly sending his niece finery, as well as tutors to school her in the proper ways of nobility.


The Duke attends the Lady Andrella’s coming of age celebration with the goal of finally bringing her back to Dunwynn with him. He is appalled by the conditions in Ravenford, especially since Gryswold and his sister, Gracelynn, are now fraternizing with non-humans. He is even further put out when he discovers his niece is now ‘entangled’ with a young whelp from Penwick, a second rate city at best in his



Kelvick is totally at a loss when the party is disrupted by some radicals calling themselves the ‘Serpent Cult.’ Yet he considers them inconsequential, holding back his own troops and allowing the rabble non-humans and Ravenford forces to take

care of these rebels. Once the radicals are put down, Kelvick returns his attention to more important matters such as impressing his niece and coercing her to return with him to Dunwynn. Yet his plans are dashed when the young lady shows that she too has succumb to the backwards ways of his brother-in-law and corrupted sister.


The Duke nearly loses his temper when it is discovered that one of his men has been waylaid, and that the culprits are the non-humans that Gryswold has been harboring. Yet when Kevlick confronts his brother-in-law, the man stubbornly refuses to meet out justice to the rabble responsible for this grievous affront. Thus, the Duke orders Sir Fafnar to defend Dunwynn’s honor against the non-human’s champion, the young whelp from Penwick, in the tourney to be held the next day. Kelvick is certain that the gods are on his side, and that divine judgement shall be passed upon these upstarts where his misguided brother-in-law has refused. Once Sir Fafnar has won the day, Andrella is sure to see the righteousness of Dunwynn, and forget this whelp from Penwick. She shall then return with Kelvick to Dunwynn as is right and proper.

Books Kelvick appears in

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