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Brundon Twyll is a mercenary and a tracker. He is also a bit of a rogue. While he has never ‘officially’ broken the law, Brundon will bend the rules when the situation warrants. He also loves money and tends to shy toward jobs that are lucrative. He prefers to avoid danger whenever possible, but can typically handle himself in a fight.

Brundon is tall and lean with dark hair, a slim face, a hawk-like nose, and a thin beard and moustache. He typically dresses in the brown leathers of forest tracker, with a short sword and hatchet strapped to his waist, and a bow and quiver of arrows across his shoulder. Brundon is proficient with the sword, but he is excellent with the bow. He is quite at home in the woods, whether following a trail, or moving through the forest undetected.

Brundon was born and raised in Twin Oaks, a small town on the southern end of the Bendenwoods. He grew up in those woods, learning to track and hunt with expert skill. As soon as he was of age, Brundon left Twin Oaks, and set out for Bendenwoods, trying to make a living there. He soon found that the town full of Druids was not a place to his liking. The mercenary tracker made his way west from there, to Tarrsmoor, and for a while made a living guiding folks from that town across the Korlokessels to Bendenwood.

Brundon eventually grew tired of that life—there wasn’t much profit in it. So, about two years ago, he set out eastward and ended up in Ravenford. That is where he met Delara. Brundon had an eye for talent, and Delara was bursting with it. In his mind, the tall woman warrior was a force to be reckoned with. Yet Delara’s abilities were sadly overlooked by the folks of that town. They saw her as some kind of “freak.”

Thus, it didn’t take much prodding on Brundon’s part to convince Delara to enter the mercenary business with him.


Delara’s family didn’t take her decision well. Her father, Gelpas, was head of the town guard, and wanted her to join that force. They railed against their partnership it first, but begrudgingly gave in when Brundon and Titan started doing well for themselves. Still, her decision had created a rift between father and daughter, and Brundon was quite aware that Gelpas held him responsible.


Brundon and Titan became good friends, always kidding and joking with each other. Though Brundon can be somewhat of a ‘ladies-man,’ he has never crossed that line with Delara. They have an easy-going comradery which neither wanted to wreck. Still, despite his denial of it, even to himself, the devil-may-care tracker has become very fond of his tall partner.


Their success as mercenaries continued until caravans began disappearing in the Bendenwoods. Titan wanted to go and investigate, but Brundon felt it was a fool’s errand. The Bendenwoods were huge, and whoever or whatever was waylaying those caravans could quickly disappear back into it. Titan wanted to join one of the caravans, but her father was in charge of handing out those types of jobs for the Baron, and he flat out refused to give it to the duo. It was perhaps the one point Brundon and Gelpas agreed on.


When the Heroes finally came to town, Brundon and Titan hadn’t had a good paying job in awhile. Yet Brundon was intrigued when the Wizard Maltar singled these newcomers out, and offered them work. He was even more pleased when the tall elf and little gnome wanted to hire him and Delara to join them. Though definitely interested, Brundon wanted to haggle up the price with these two first. Yet Delara had been annoyed at Brundon ever since the loss of the caravan job, so she jumped at the chance to work with these new folks. Brundon begrudgingly went along, though he made sure to chastise Delara for making the decision without him.


Things eventually worked out, though not without a number of close calls for both Brundon and Delara. Still, the Heroes got results, and better, got paid for it. Brundon and Delara were getting jobs again, and their pockets were filling up once more. The mercenary tracker was rather pleased with this new arrangement, and would have continued on with it if Delara hadn’t gotten other ideas in her head. Still, the tall warrior was his partner, and where she went, he would follow.

Books Brundon appears in

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