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Anyabarithia Ulteshto Farbican, or Anya as she prefers to be called, is the Princess and sole heir to the sovereign nation of Lanfor. Lanfor is a small island kingdom situated in the Merchant Channel directly between northeastern Thac and the great mainland continent of Arinthar. While diminutive in size, Lanfor is nonetheless a powerful nation. Its strength comes from its great army and the Queen of Lanfor herself. The Queen is rumored to be a powerful sorceress, one who has ruled over her nation for more than a millennium.


Anya is the only surviving descendant of the royal family of Lanfor. As such, she has received the finest of everything be it clothes, food, education, or any of the finer things in life. She is attended by a powerful retinue including the Wizard Sigfus, Battle Priestess Jesira, Lady at Arms Deldrania, Master Archer Oripeah, and the deadly assassin Darilyrus. The Princess also has free access to the royal family’s yacht. The Windhammer is a mid-to-large size airship with an unlimited range due to its elemental powered drive and a small compliment of deadly magefire cannon.


On her twelfth birthday, Anya was presented with an exotic present from a foreign advisor and friend of the royal family, Theramon. It was a baby dragon. Thermon also gave Anya the secret to controlling the small dragon, something which only the great Dragon Thrall Master was ever able to do. The young Princess became obsessed with dragons and set out to catch as many as she could. After a few years, she had built up an entire stable of young dragons that were at her beck and call.


The Heroes first encounter the Princess Anya in the Darkwoods. They had succeeded in driving away the Serpent Cult from the monolith, but become concerned when an airship appears headed directly for them. Although it is easily in her power, Anya does not attack the monolith outright. Instead, she invites the Heroes to join her for a ‘picnic’ in a nearby meadow.


This is not at all out of character for the young monarch. As the Heroes soon find out, Anya’s temperament is mercurial at best.

Things go south from there when the Heroes do not meet Anya's demands. With an airship armed to the teeth with mage cannon and a flight of dragons at her disposal, Anya is a formidable foe.

Books Anya appears in

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