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The Lady Andrella Avernos is the daughter of the Gryswold and Gracelynn, the Baron and Baroness of Ravenford. She is striking young woman, yet, there is far more to the lady than her 5’ 7”, 100 lb figure, or her long, perfectly coiffed strawberry blonde hair and electric blue eyes. Andrella is very intelligent, though it is a fact she tries her best to keep hidden. She is also quite strong-willed, something of which her father and mother are only too well aware.

Andrella is the niece of Lord Kelvick, the Duke of Dunwynn, her mother’s brother. Since the Duke has no children of his own, Andrella is the de facto heir to the Duchy of Dunwynn. To that end, her uncle is constantly spoiling her with fine clothes and jewelry, even sending her teachers to school her in the ways of nobility. It is no great secret that Kelvick would rather have Andrella living in Dunwynn, under his sway, than in some “backwater” town such as Ravenford. However, Baron Gryswold has forbidden it until Andrella is of age to make up her own mind.


On the surface, Andrella appears the spoiled noble, accentuating her looks with the finery provided by her extravagant uncle. However, underneath it all, she is very much like her mother, and has a deep abiding concern for her people. Andrella truly believes in Noblesse Oblige, that nobility comes with responsibilities and obligations. She is also quite well learned thanks to her uncle. The young lady even spent a year or so studying magic under the tutelage of the wizard Maltar, although their temperaments inevitably clashed.

Andrella is just about to turn eighteen as the story unfolds. Her lineage and eventual inheritance is quite well known, and thus suitors from all over have ventured to Ravenford to win the young lady’s hand. Yet, Andrella has spurned them all, being far too intelligent to be used by some rich or pretty-faced noble for their own political gain.

Thus, when Andrella meets the noble, yet unassuming young Lloyd Stealle, she is immediately smitten with him. His rugged good looks, easy going manner, and prowess in battle quickly wins her heart. It is an interesting development since now that Andrella is eighteen, she must make up her mind whether to stay in Ravenford, or to take her uncle up on his offer to move to Dunwynn.

Books Andrella appears in

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