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Dame Alana Benefilla is a Knight of the Rose. She is a powerful knight who is extremely accomplished in combat, whether it be on horseback, or on foot with her holy sword and shield. Between her strength of body and mind, and her well-honed skill with weaponry, Alana is a fierce opponent, capable of taking down warriors and monsters nearly twice her size.


Alana is statuesque woman, approximately 5’ 8”, with a well-muscled physique. She has a diamond-shaped face with a smooth complexion and light hazel eyes, topped with a striking head of fiery-orange hair, bobbed short at the shoulders. In battle, her countenance is fierce, yet outside of combat she is calm and serene, her winning smile lighting up any room.


When fully armored, Alana wears a gleaming set of full-plate, adorned with pale roses and intricately carved ruins to make it lighter and easier to maneuver in. She wields a holy longsword that gleams with divine white light in battle, and a “heater style” steel shield adorned with a single large rose. Outside of battle, she is typically garbed in a shining suit of silvery chainmail, with a bright white tabard adorned with a single pale red rose.


Alana has been a Knight of the Rose for almost five years. The knights are a holy order dedicated to Cormar, the God of the Winds. A force for good, the Knights of the Rose have been around for centuries, even participating in the battle against the Thrall Lords some hundred years prior. The ancestral home of the knights is the Wind Tower, a three-hundred-foot tall stronghold surrounded by a small town of the same name. It is situated just west of the Bendenwoods on the other side of the southern branch of the Korkessel mountain range.


Alana  is a fourth generation knight in a line of knights dating back over a hundred years. Her father, Sir Rothar, and older brother, Sir Renardo, are also part of that order, both high-ranking knights themselves. The 23-year-old Alana joined the knights at the age of 10. The thin, gangly, red-headed started as a squire to the head of the order, the Lord Protector Sir Nigel Oxbow. After eight years of rigorous training and deep devotion to Cormar, Alana won her knighthood in a grueling trial against her fellow knights, and a subsequent vigil of deep prayer.


Alana traveled to Ravenford with her fellow knight, Sir Craven Amberfield, to pay the respects of her order to the Lady Andrella. The heir to the Duchy of Dunwynn, Andrella was having a large celebration on the eve of her coming of age. The party, however, took a surprising turn when a radical group calling themselves the Serpent Cult attacked during the evening meal. The foul creatures were repelled in a joint effort that was spearheaded by the Heroes of Ravenford. While an unorthodox order, the Heroes fought bravely and with exceptional skill against the minions of darkness.


Though the day was won, the Heroes uncovered a heinous plot set in motion by the murderous Cult. If left unchecked, these minions of darkness might obtain terrible weapons dating back to the time of the Thrall Wars. It was the sworn duty of the Knights of the Rose to stand against evil, and Alana proudly joined the effort to thwart these evildoers.


Alana set out with a small group comprised mostly of the Heroes, to find the Darkwoods Monolith, a structure purported to contain weapons from one of the old Thrall Masters, the dwarf, Larketh. During their travels, Alana began to develop a relationship with the elven artist, Donatello. While not of her faith, the sandy-haired elf is a good soul, and has a certain charm that Alana finds hard to resist. Still, any such relationship would be complicated, especially since it appears that the young shape-shifter, Ruka, has something of a crush on the slight elf as well.

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